List of Saint Names in Alphabetical Order

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St. Aaron
St. Abadios
St. Abadir
St. Abadiu
St. Abaidas
St. Abakerazum
St. Abakuh
St. Aba Mina
St. Abamon (Apa Pamun)
St. Abanoub
St. Aba Salamah, (Frumentius)
St. Abba Capito
St. Abba Isa
St. Abba Julian
St. Abban
St. Abban
St. Abban of Murnevin
St. Abbo
St. Abbo
St. Abdas of Susa
St. Abdas
St. Abdiesus
St. Abdon
St. Abel
St. Abercius Marcellus
St. Aberoh (Aburom, Arianus)
St. Abhor (Amba Hor)
St. Abibas
St. Abibas
St. Abibus
St. Abidianus
St. Abigail
St. Abilius
St. Abilius
St. Abilus
St. Abra
St. Abraham
St. Abraham
St. Abraham
St. Abraham
St. Abrahamites Monks
St. Abraham Kidunaja
St. Abraham of Carrhae
St. Abraham of Kratia
St. Abraham of Rostov
St. Abraham of Smolensk
St. Abraham the Poor
St. Abraham the Poor
St. Abran
St. Abreha and Atzbeha (Aizan and Sazana)
St. Absadah
St. Absadi
St. Abudimus
St. Abuna (Frumentius)
St. Frumentius of Ethiopia
St. Abundius
St. Abundius
St. Abundius
St. Abundius
St. Aburom
St. Acacius
St. Acacius
St. Acacius
St. Acca
St. Accidia
St. Acculus
St. Aceolus
St. Acepsimas
St. Acepsimas
St. Acepsius
St. Acestes
St. Acha the Confessor
St. Acharius
St. Achatius
St. Achillas
St. Achillas
St. Achillas
St. Achillas
St. Achillas
St. Achillas of Alexandria
Sts. Nereus & Achilleus
St. Achilleus
St. Achilleus Kewanuka
St. Acirianus
St. Acisclus
St. Acius
St. Acllinus
St. Acrates (Aragawi)
St. Acyndinus
St. Ada
St. Ada
St. Adalar
St. Adalard of Corbie
St. Adalbald of Ostrevant
St. Adalbero
Bl. Adalbero
St. Adalbert
St. Adalbert of Magdeburg
St. Adalbert of Prague
St. Adalgis
St. Adalgis
St. Adalgott
St. Adalsindis
St. Adalsindis
St. Adam
St. Adamnan
St. Adamnan of Coldingham
St. Adauctus
St. Adaucus
St. Addal
St. Adela
St. Adela
St. Adela
St. Adelaide
St. Adelaide
St. Adelaide of Bellich
St. Adelard
St. Adele
St. Adelelmus
St. Adelina
Bl. Adeline
St. Adeloga
St. Adelphius
St. Adelphius the 'Confessor.'
St. Adelphus
St. Adelphus
St. Adeodatus
St. Adeodatus II
St. Aderald
St. Adheritus
St. Adjutor
St. Adjutor
St. Adolf of Osnabruck
Bl. Adolph Kolping
Sts. Adolphus and John
St. Adolphus Ludigo-Mkasa
St. Ado of Vienne
St. Adrian
Bl. Adrian
Adrian II
St. Adrian III
Adrian IV
Adrian V
St. Adrian
St. Adrian
St. Adrian
St. Adrian, Abbot
Bl. Adrian Fortescue
St. Adrian III
St. Adrian Van Hilvarenbeek
St. Adrio
St. Adulf
Sts. Adulph and John
St. Adventor
St. Aedesius
St. Aedesius
St. Aedh MacBricc
St. Aelred of Rievaulx
St. Aemilianus (Emilian)
St. Aengus
St. Aetherius
St. Afan
St. Afra
St. Afra
St. Africanus
St. Africus
St. Agabius
St. Agabus
St. Aganus
St. Agape
St. Agape
St. Agapitus
St. Agapitus
St. Agapius
St. Agapius
St. Agapius
St. Agatha
St. Agatha Kwon Chin-i
St. Agatha
St. Agatha Chon Kyonghyob
St. Agatha Kim
St. Agatha Lin
St. Agathangelo Noury
St. Agathangelus
St. Agatha Yi
St. Agatha Yi Kannan
St. Agatha Yi Kyong-i
St. Agatha Yi Sosa
St. Agatho
St. Agatho
St. Agathoclia
St. Agathon
St. Agathopus
St. Agathus
St. Ageranus
St. Agericus
St. Agia
St. Agia
St. Agilbert
St. Agilberta
St. Agileus
St. Agilulfus
St. Agilus
Bl. Agnello of Pisa
St. Agnellus
St. Agnellus of Pisa
St. Agnes
St. Agnes of Assisi
St. Agnes of Bohemia
St. Agnes De
Bl. Agnes de Jesus Galand
St. Agnes Kim Hyoju
St. Agnes of Assisi
St. Agnes of Bohemia
St. Agnes of Montepulciano
St. Agnes of Poitiers
St. Agnes of Rome
Bl. Agnes Takea
Bl. Agnes Tsao-Kou Ying
St. Agobard
St. Agofredus
St. Agostina Petrantoni
St. Agostino Roscelli
St. Agrecius
St. Agricola
St. Agricola
St. Agricolus
St. Agrippina
St. Agrippinus
Bl. Agustin Caloca Cortes
St. AIban of Mainz
St. Aibert
St. Aichardus
St. Aidan
St. Aidan of Lindisfarne
St. Aidan of Ferns
St. Aidric
St. Aigulf
St. Aigulf
St. Ailbhe
St. Aileran
St. Aimo
St. Aizan and Sazana (Abreha and Atzbeha)
St. Ajuture
Bl. Alan de la Roche
Bl. Alan de Solminihac
St. Alban
St. Alban Bartholomew Roe
St. Alban of Britain
St. Alberic of Utrecht
St. Alberic of Cîteaux
St. Alberic Crescitelli
Bl. Albert of Bergamo
Bl. Albert of Clatina
St. Albert Chmielowski
St. Albert the Great
St. Albertinus
St. Albert of Jerusalem
St. Albert of Magdeburg
Bl. Alberto Marvelli
Bl. Albert of Bergamo
St. Albert of Cashel
St. Albert of Como
St. Albert of Gambron
St. Albert of Genoa
St. Albert of Jerusalem
St. Albert of Louvain
St. Albert of Montecorvino
St. Albert of Trapani
St. Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga
St. Albina
St. Albinus
St. Albinus
St. Alburga
St. Alcmund
Bl. Alcuin
St. Aldate
St. Aldebrandus
St. Aldegunais
St. Aldemar
St. Aldericus
St. Aldhelm
St. Aldo
St. Aleaunie
St. Alena
St. Alexander of Jerusalem
St. Alexander
St. Alexander I
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
Alexander II
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
Alexander III
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
Alexander IV
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
St. Alexander Akimetes
St. Alexander the Bishop
St. Alexander Briant
Sts. Alexander, Heraclins, and Companions
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
St. Alexander of Gaza
St. Alexander of Kemet
St. Alexander
St. Alexander Nevski
St. Alexander of Alexandria
St. Alexander of Comana
St. Alexander of Constantinople
Bl. Alexander of Lugo
Bl. Alexander Rawlins
St. Alexander Sauli
St. Alexander the Soldier
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
St. Alexander
St. Alexandra and Companions
St. Alexandra
St. Alexandra of Alexandria
Bl. Alexandrina Maria da Costa
St. Alexis
St. Alexis Falconieri
Bl. Alexius Nakamura
St. Alex U Seyong
St. Aleydis
St. Alfanus
Bl. Alfonso Maria Fusco
St. Alfreda
Bl. Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster
St. Alfred the Great
St. Alfrick
St. Alfwold
St. Alice
St. Alipius
Bl. Alix Le Clercq
St. Alkeld
St. Allerius
St. Allucio
St. Almachius
St. Almedha
St. Almirus
St. Almus
St. Alnoth
St. Alodia
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Bl. Luigi Variara
Bl. Alojzije Stepinac
St. Alonso Rodriguez
St. Aloysius Gonzaga
St. Alphaeus
St. Alphaeus
St. Alphege
St. Alphege of Canterbury
St. Alphege
St. Alphius
St. Alphonsa
St. Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception
St. Alphonsus
Bls. Alphonsus Navarette, Ferdinand Ayala, and Leo Tanaca
Bl. Alphonsus de Mena
Bl. Alphonsus de Orozco
Bl. Alphonsus de Vaena
St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori
St. Alphonsus Rodriguez
St. Airick
St. Altfrid
Sts. Altigianus and Hilarinus
St. Altinus
St. Altman
St. Alto
Bl. Alvarez of Corova
St. Alverius
St. Alvitus
St. Alypius
St. Amabilis
St. Amabilis
Bl. Amadeus IX of Savoy
Bl. Amadeus of Lausanne
St. Amadour
St. Amaethlu
St. Amalberga
St. Amalberga
St. Amand
St. Amandus
St. Amantius
St. Amantius of Como
St. Amantius
St. Amarand
St. Amaranthus
St. Amarinus
ST. Amasius
St. Amaswinthus
St. Amata
Bl. Amata
St. Amator
St. Amator
St. Amator
St. Amatus
St. Amatus
St. Amba Agatho the Silent, Abraham
St. Amba Baula the Just (Paul)
St. Amba Betra (Peter)
St. Amba Paphnutius
St. Amba Shenudi
St. Ambrose
St. Ambrose
St. Ambrose of Alexandria
St. Ambrose Aut-pert
St. Ambrose Edward Barlow
Bl. Ambrose Fernandez
St. Ambrose Kibuka
Bl. Ambrosio Francisco Ferro and Companions
St. Ambytianus
St. Amedeus
St. Amelberga
St. Amelberga
St. Amelberga
St. Amicus
St. Amicus
St. Ammon
St. Ammon
Ammon, the Great
St. Ammon
St. Ammon
St. Ammon
St. Ammon and Serapion
St. Ammonaria
St. Ammonas
St. Ammonius
St. Ammonius
St. Amo
St. Amor
St. Amor of Amorbach
St. Amor of Aquitaine
Bls. Amparo Rosat Balasch and Maria del Calvario Romero Clariana
St. Ampelius
St. Ampellius
St. Ampelus
St. Amphianus
St. Amphibalus
St. Amphilocus
St. Amphion
St. Ampliatus
St. Amulwinus
St. Amunia
St. Anacharius
Bl. Anacleto González Flores
St. Anacletus
St. Anacletus II
St. Ananias
St. Ananias II
St. Ananias III
St. Anastasia
St. Anastasia II
St. Anastasia III
St. Anastasia Patricia
St. Anastasia the Patrician
St. Anastasius
St. Anastasius I
St. Anastasius X
St. Anastasius XI
St. Anastasius XII
St. Anastasius XIII
St. Anastasius XIV
St. Anastasius XV
St. Anastasius XVI
St. Anastasius XVII
St. Anastasius XVIII
St. Anastasius XIX
Anastasius II
St. Anastasius XX
St. Anastasius
Anastasius III
Anastasius IV
St. Anastasius V
St. Anastasius VI
St. Anastasius VII
St. Anastasius VIII
St. Anastasius IX
St. Anastasius Cornicularius
St. Anastasius the Fuller
St. Anastasius the Sinaite
St. Anathalon
St. Anatole Kiriggwajjo
St. Anatolia
St. Anatolius
St. Anatolius of Laodicea
St. Anatolius
St. Anatolius
St. Andeolus
St. Andochius
Bl. Andrea Carlo Ferrari
Bl. Andrea Giacinto Longhin
St. Andreas Bauer
St. Andre Bessette
Bl. Andre de Soveral
Bl. Andre Fardeau
Bl. Andrés Solá Molist
St. Andrew
St. Andrew Chong Hwa-Gyong
Bl. Andrew Hibernon
Bl. Andrew of Strumi
Bl. Andrew Segni (of Anagni)
St. Andrew Thong Kim Nguyen
St. Andrew Trong Van Tran
St. Andrew
St. Andrew
St. Andrew
St. Andrew and Companions
St. Andrew Avellino
St. Andrew Bobola
St. Andrew-Chong Kwagyong
St. Andrew Corsini
St. Andrew Dotti
St. Andrew Dung Lac
St. Andrew Dung Lac
Bl. Andrew Ishchak
St. Andrew Kagwa
Sts. Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang, and Companions
St. Andrew Nam-Thuong
Bl. Andrew Oexner of Riun
St. Andrew of Crete
Bl. Andrew of Phu Yen
Bl. Andrew of Segni
St. Andrew of Trier
Bl. Andrew Sushinda
St. Andrew the Scot
St. Andrew the Tribune
St. Andrew Tien-K'Ing
Bl. Andrew Tokuan
St. Andrew Trong
St. Andrew Wouters
St. Andrew Zorard
St. Andronicus
St. Anectus
St. Angadresma
Bl. Ángel Darío Acosta Zurita
St. Angela of the Cross
St. Angela Merici
Bl. Angela of Foligno
Bl. Angela Salawa
St. Angelelmus
Fra Angelico
St. Angelo
Bl. Angelo Augustine of Florence
Bl. Angelo of Borgo San Sepolcro
Bl. Angelo of Chivasso
Bl. Angelus of Acri
Bl. Angelus Orsucci
St. Angilbert
St. Angilbert
St. Anglinus
St. Angus MacNisse
St. Anianas
St. Anianus
St. Anianus
St. Anicet Adolfo
Bl. Anicet Hryciuk
St. Anicetus
St. Anicetus
St. Aninus
St. Anna the Prophetess
St. Anna Dierk (Maria Adolfina)
St. Anna Kim
St. Anna Nan-Sinn-Cheu
Bl. Anna of the Angels Monteagudo
St. Anna Pak A-gi
Bl. Anna Rosa Gattorno
St. Anna Schaeffer
St. Anna Wang
Sts. Joachim and Anne
Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerick
Bl. Anne of Saint Bartholomew
St. Anne
St. Anne
Bl. Anne-Francoise de Villeneuve
Bl. Anne Hmard
Bl. Anne Jahouvey
St. Anne Line
Bl. Anne Mary Taigi
Bl. Anne Maugrain
St. Annemund
St. Anno
St. Annobert
Bl. Annunciata Cocchetti
St. Ansanus
St. Ansbald
St. Ansbert
St. Ansegisus
St. Anselm
St. Anselm of Lucca
St. Anselm
St. Anselm of Lucca
St. Anselm of Nonantola
Bl. Anselm Polanco Fontecha
St. Ansfrid
St. Ansgar
St. Ansillo
St. Anskar
St. Ansovinus
St. Anstrudis
St. Ansueris
St. Ansuinus
St. Ansurius
St. Anterus
St. Anthelm
St. Anthimus
St. Antholian
St. Anthony
Bl. Anthony Baldinucci
Bl. Anthony of Amandola
Bl. Anthony of Hungary
Bl. Anthony of Stroncone
St. Anthony, Merulus, and John
St. Anthony, Merulus, and John
Bl. Anthony
St. Anthony the Abbot
Bl. Anthony Baldinucci
St. Anthony Dainan
St. Anthony Daniel
St. Anthony Daveluy
Bl. Anthony della Chiesa
St. Anthony Dich Nguyen
Bl. Anthony Fantosat
Bl. Anthony Francisco
Bl. Anthony Gonzales
St. Anthony the Great of Thebes
St. Anthony the Hermit
St. Anthony Ishida
St. Anthony Kauleas
St. Anthony Kim Son-u
Bl. Anthony Kimura
Bl. Anthony Kiun
Bl. Anthony Manzi
St. Anthony Mary Claret
St. Anthony Mary Gianelli
St. Anthony Mary Pucci
St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria
Bl. Anthony Middleton
St. Anthony Nam-Quynh
Bl. Anthony Neyrot
Bl. Anthony of Korea
St. Anthony of Saxony
Bl. Anthony of St. Bonaventure
Bl. Anthony of Tuy
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Anthony Pechersky
St. Anthony Peter Dich
St. Anthony Primaldi
Bl. Anthony Sanga
Bl. Anthony Turner
Bl. Anthony Vom
St. Anthusa
St. Anthusa the Younger
St. Antidius
St. Antilnus
St. Antiochus
St. Antipas
Bl. Antoine Chevrier
Bl. Antoine Fournier
Bl. Antoinette Roussel
Bl. Anton Maria Schwartz
Bl. Antonia Mesina
St. Antonino Fantosati
St. Antoninus
St. Antoninus
St. Antoninus
St. Antoninus of Sorrento
Bl. Antonio de Sant'Anna Galvao
St. Antonio Vieira
Bl. Anton Martin Slomsek
Bl. Anwarite Nangapeta
St. Anysia
St. Anysius
St. Apelles
St. Aphraates
St. Aphrodisius
St. Aphrodisius
St. Apollinaris
St. Apollinaris
St. Apollinaris
St. Apollinaris
St. Apollinaris
St. Apollinaris Franco
St. Apollinaris Sidonius
St. Apollinaris Syncletica
St. Apollo
St. Apollo and Companions
St. Apollonia
St. Apollonius
St. Apolloni
St. Apollonius
St. Apollonius
St. Apollonius the Apologist
St. Aponius
Apostle of the Gentiles
The Apostles
Apostles of England
Apostles of Erin (Ireland)
Apostles of Rome
St. Appian
St. Appian
St. Apronia
St. Apronian
St. Aprus
St. Apuleius
St. Aquila
St. Aquila
St. Aquilina
St. Aquilina
St. Aquilinus
St. Aquilinus
St. Aquilinus
St. Arator
St. Arator
St. Arbogast
St. Arcadius
St. Arcadius
St. Arcadius and Companions
St. Arcangelo Tadini
Bl. Archangela Girlani
St. Archelais and Companions
St. Archelaus
St. Archippus
St. Arcontius
St. Ardalion
St. Ardanus
St. Ardo
St. Arduinus
St. Arduinus
St. Aredius
St. Aresius and Companions
St. Aretas and Companions
St. Arethas and Companions
St. Aretius
St. Argeus
St. Argymirus
St. Ariadne
St. Arialdus
St. Arian and Companions
St. Arigius
St. Arilda
St. Aristarchus
St. Aristides
St. Aristion
St. Aristobulus
St. Ariston and Companions
St. Armagillus
St. Armentarius
St. Armentarius
St. Armogastes and Companions
Bl. Arnaldo Catani
St. Arnold
St. Arnold Jansen
Bl. Arnold Reche
St. Arnulf
St. Arnulf
St. Arnulf
St. Arnulf of Eynesbury
St. Arnulf
St. Arnulf of Soissons
St. Arnulf
St. Arsacius
St. Arsenius
St. Arsenius the Great
St. Artaldus
St. Artaxus
St. Artemas
St. Artemas
Bl. Artemide Zatti
St. Artemius
St. Artemius
St. Artemius
St. Arthelais
St. Arwald
St. Asaph
St. Ascelina
Bl. Ascension of the Heart of Jesus Nicol Goni
St. Asclas
St. Asclepiades
St. Asella
St. Ashley
St. Asicus
St. Aspasius
St. Aspren
St. Asteria
St. Astericus
St. Astericus
St. Astericus and Companions
St. Astericus
St. Astius
St. Athanasia of Aegina
St. Athanasius
St. Athanasius
St. Athanasius
St. Athanasius
St. Athanasius
St. Athanasius
St. Athanasius
St. Athanasius Badzekuketta
St. Athanasius the Athonite
St. Athelm
St. Athenodorus
St. Athenodorus
St. Athenogenes
St. Atilano Cruz Alvarado
St. Attala
St. Attalas
St. Attalia
St. Atticus
St. Atticus of Constantinople
St. Attilanus
St. Atto
St. Atto
St. Atto
St. Attracta
St. Aubin
St. Auctus
St. Augulus
St. Augusta
St. Augustalus
St. Augustine of Canterbury
St. Augustine of Hippo
St. Augustine Huy Viet Phan
St. Augustine Moi
St. Augustine Moi Van Nguyen
St. Augustine of Huy
Bl. Augustine Ota
St. Augustine Pak Chong-won
St. Augustine Tchao
St. Augustine Webster
St. Augustine Yi Chin-gil
St. Augustine Yi Kwang-hon
6 Augustinian Recollect Companions
Bl. Augusto Czartoryski
St. Augusto Andres
St. Augustus
St. Augustus Chapdelaine
St. Augustus Schoffler
St. Aurea
St. Aurea
St. Aurea
St. Aurea
St. Aurea
St. Aurelia of Strasbourg
St. Aurelian of Limoges
St. Aurelian
St. Aurelian
Bl. Aurelio da Vinalesa
Bl. Aurelio Maria
St. Aurelius
St. Aureus
St. Ausonius
St. Auspicius
St. Austell
St. Austindus
St. Austreberta
St. Austregisilus
St. Austremonius
St. Autbert
St. Autbert
St. Autbod (Aubeu)
St. Autbodus
St. Authaire
St. Autonomous
St. Autor
St. Autus
St. Auxanus
St. Auxentius
St. Auxentius of Bithynia
St. Auxibius
St. Ava
St. Aventanus
St. Aventine of Troyes
St. Aventinus of Tours
St. Aventinus of Chartres
Bls. Avertanus and Romaeus
St. Aviates
St. Avitus
St. Avitus
St. Avitus of Vienne
St. Avitus I of Clermont
St. Avitus II of Clermont
St. Aymard
St. Azas and Co
St. Baamin
St. Babylas
St. Badilo
St. Badulfus
St. Baglan
St. Bagne
St. Baithin
St. Balbina
St. Balda
St. Baldegundis
St. Balderic
Bl. Baldji Oghlou Ohannes
St. Baldomerus
St. Baldred
St. Baldwin
St. Baldwin
St. Balin
Bl. Balthasar de Torres
St. Balther
St. Bandaridus
St. Baradates
St. Barbara
St. Barbara Cho Chung-i
St. Barbara Ch'oe Yong-i
St. Barbara Han Agi
St. Barbara Kim
St. Barbara Ko Suni
St. Barbara Kwon Hui
St. Barbara Ts'Oei-Lien-Cheu
St. Barbara Yi Chong-hui
St. Barbasymas
St. Barbatian
St. Barbatus of Benevento
St. Bardo
St. Barhadbesciabas
St. Baricus
St. Barlaam
St. Barlaam
St. Barlaam
St. Barnabas
St. Barnard
St. Barrfoin
St. Barrog
St. Barsabas
St. Barsabas
St. Barsanuphius
St. Barsimaeus
St. Bartholomea Capitanjo
Bl. Bartholomew of Braga
St. Bartholomew
Bl. Bartholomew of Cervere
St. Bartholomew Alvarez
St. Bartholomew Buonpedoni
St. Bartholomew Chong Munho
Bl. Bartholomew Gutierrez
Bl. Bartholomew Laurel
Bl. Bartholomew Longo
Bl. Bartholomew Mary Dal Monte
Bl. Bartholomew Monfiore
St. Bartholomew of Farne
St. Bartholomew of Rossano
Bl. Bartholomew Sheki
Bl. Bartholomew Shikiemon
Bl. Bartlomiej Osypiuk
Bl. Bartolo (Bartholomew) of San Gimignano
St. Barypsabas
St. Basicicus of Kemet (Egypt)
St. Basil
St. Basil
St. Basil
St. Basil and Companions
St. Basileus
St. Basileus and Companions
St. Basil the Great
St. Basilides
St. Basilides
St. Basilides and Companions
St. Basilides and Companions
St. Basiliscus
St. Basilissa
St. Basilissa
St. Basilissa
St. Basilla
St. Basilla
St. Basil of Ancyra
St. Basil the Younger
St. Basinus
St. Basolus
St. Bassa and Companions
St. Bassian
St. Bassus
St. Bassus and Companions
St. Bastamonus (Bastammonius)
St. Bastmus
St. Basura
St. Bathildis
St. Bathus and Companions
St. Baudacarius
St. Baudacarius
St. Baudelius
St. Baudolino
St. Bavo
St. Bean
St. Beatrice da Silva Meneses
St. Beatrix da Silva
St. Beatus of Lungern
St. Beatus
St. Beatus of Vendome
St. Beauch (Bagug)
St. Bebnuda (Paphnutius)
St. Becan
St. Becan
Venerable Bede
St. Bega
St. Begga
St. Belina
St. Bellinus
St. Benedetto Menni
St. Benedict
Benedict I
Benedict X
Bl. Benedict X
Benedict XII
St. Benedict II
Benedict III
Benedict IV
Benedict V
Benedict VI
Benedict VII
Benedict VIII
St. Benedict
Benedict IX
St. Benedicta
St. Benedicta
St. Benedicta
St. Benedicta Cambiagio Frassinello
St. Benedicta Hyon Kyongnyon
St. Benedict and Companions
St. Benedict Biscop
St. Benedict the Black
St. Benedict Crispus
St. Benedict Joseph Labré
St. Benedict of Nursia
St. Benedict of Aniane
St. Benedict of Cagliari
St. Benedict of Campania
St. Benedict of Macerac
St. Benedict of Sebaste
St. Benedict of Szkalka
St. Benedict Revelli
St. Benedict the Moor
St. Benignus
St. Benignus
St. Benignus
St. Benignus
St. Benignus
St. Benignus
St. Benilde
St. Benilde Romancon
St. Benildis
St. Benito de Jesus
St. Benjamin
St. Benjamin the Great of Nitra
Bl. Benjamin Julian
St. Benno
Bl. Benno
Bl. Benvenuto of Gubbio
St. Benvenutus Scotivoli
St. Beoadh
St. Beoadh
St. Beoc
St. Beocca
St. Berach
St. Berarius
St. Bercharius
St. Bercthun
St. Beregisius
St. Berencardus
Bl. Berka Zdislava
St. Berlinda
St. Bernadette
St. Bernadette Soubirous
St. Bernard
St. Bernard of Clairvaux
St. Bernard degli Uberti
St. Bernard Due
Bl. Bernardina Maria Jablonska
St. Bernardine of Siena
St. Bernardino Realino
St. Bernard of Montjoux
St. Bernard of Arce
St. Bernard of Bagnorea
St. Bernard of Calvo
St. Bernard of Carinola
St. Bernard of Valdeiglesias
Bl. Bernardo Maria Silvestrelli
St. Bernard Valeara
Bl. Bernhard Lichtenberg
St. Berno of Cluny
St. Bernward of Hildesheim
St. Beronicus
St. Bertha
St. Bertha of Kent
St. Bertha of Val d'Or
St. Bertha of Artois
St. Berthaldus
St. Berthane
St. Bertharius
St. Berthoald
St. Berthold
St. Berthold
St. Bertilia
St. Bertilia
St. Bertilla Boscardin
St. Bertin
St. Bertinus
St. Bertoara
St. Bertrand
St. Bertrand
St. Bertrand
St. Bertrand of Comminges
St. Bertuin
St. Bertulf of Bobbio
St. Beshada (Abshadius, Psote)
St. Besinta
St. Bessarian
St. Bessarion
St. Bessarion the Great, Thaumaturgies
St. Bessis
St. Besuss
St. Betharius
St. Bettelin
St. Betto
St. Beuno
St. Beyoka (Bejoka)
St. Bhai Anub
St. Bibiana
St. Bichier
St. Bicor
St. Bieuzy
St. Bikabes (Bicabus)
St. Bilfrid
St. Bilhild
St. Birillus
St. Birinus
St. Birrstan
Bl. Vincent Bossilkov
Bls. Thomas Hunt and Thomas Sprott
St. Bladus
St. Blaesilla
St. Blaise
St. Blaithmaic
St. Blandina
Bl. Blandina Marten
St. Blane
St. Blath
St. Blidulf
St. Blinlivet
St. Blitharius
St. Blitmund
St. Boadin
St. Bobinus
St. Bobo
St. Boccon, Presbyter
St. Bodagisil
St. Bodfan
St. Bodo
St. Boetharius
St. Boethian
St. Bogumilus
Bl. Bogumilus
St. Bolcan
Bl. Boleslava Lament
St. Bonaventure
St. Bonaventure of Miako
St. Bond
St. Bonfilius
St. Boniface I
Boniface II
St. Boniface
Boniface III
St. Boniface IV
Boniface V
Boniface VI
St. Boniface
Boniface VII
Boniface VIII
Boniface IX
St. Boniface Curitan
St. Boniface of Mainz
St. Boniface of Lausanne
St. Bonifacia Rodriguez y Castro
St. Bonitus
St. Bonitus
Bl. Bonne d'Armagnac
St. Bononius
St. Bosa of York
St. Boswell
St. Botuid
St. Botulph
St. Brandan
St. Brannock
St. Branwallader
St. Braulio
St. Breaca
St. Bregwin
St. Brendan
St. Brendan of Birr
St. Bretannion
Bl. Brian Lacey
St. Briarch
St. Briavel
St. Brice
St. Brictus
St. Brigid of Ireland
St. Bridget of Sweden
St. Brieuc
St. Brigid
St. Brigid
Bl. Brigida of Jesus
St. Brigid of Ireland
St. Brithwald
St. Brithwald
St. Brito
St. Britwin
St. Brocard
St. Brogan
St. Bron
St. Bronach
Bl. Brother Scubilionis
St. Bruno
St. Bruno
St. Bruno of Segni
St. Bruno Seronkuma
St. Brychan
St. Brynach
St. Brynoth
St. Budoc
St. Buonfiglio Monaldo
St. Burchard
St. Buriana
St. Burkard
St. Byblig
St. Cadfan
St. Cadfarch
St. Cadoc
St. Cadog
St. Cadroe of Metz
St. Cadwallader
St. Caecilia with Saturninus
St. Caecilius
St. Caedmon
St. Caellainn
St. Caerealis
St. Caerealis & Sallustia
St. Caesarea
St. Caesaria
St. Caesarius
St. Caesarius
St. Caesarius & Companions
St. Caesarius & Julian
St. Caesarius of Arles
St. Caesarius of Nazianzus
St. Caesarn
St. Caesidius
St. Cagnoald
St. Caian
St. Caidoc & Fricor
St. Caillin
St. Caimin
St. Cairlon
St. Cajetan
St. Cajetan
St. Cajus
St. Calendion
St. Calepodius
St. Caletricus
St. Calimerius
St. Calimerlus
St. Calixtus
St. Callinica & Basilissa
St. Callinicus
St. Callinicus (Gallinicus)
St. Calliope
St. Calliopus
St. Callistratus
St. Callistus
St. Callistus I
Callistus II
Callistus III
St. Callistus & Charisius
St. Callistus Caravario
St. Callistus, Felix & Boniface
St. Calminius
St. Calocerus
St. Calocerus & Parthenius
St. Calodote
St. Calogerus
St. Calupan
St. Camelian
St. Camilla
Bl. Camillus Constanzi
St. Camillus de Lellis
St. Candida
St. Candida
St. Candida
St. Candida
St. Candida Maria of Jesus
St. Candida the Elder
St. Candida the Younger
St. Candidus
St. Candidus
St. Candres
St. Canice
St. Canice
St. Cannatus
St. Cannera
St. Canog
St. Cantidian (Cantidus)
St. Cantidianus
St. Cantidius
St. Cantius, Cantianus, Cantianilla, & Protus
St. Canute IV
St. Canute Lavard
St. Capitolina
St. Caprasius of Agen
St. Caprasius
St. Caradoc
St. Carantac
St. Caranus
St. Caraunus
St. Carilefus
St. Catherine of Alexandria
St. Carissima
Bl. Caritas Brader
Bl. Carlo Erana Guruceta
Bl. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Santiago
Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne
Bl. Carmelo Sastre Sastre
St. Carmen
St. Caron
St. Carpias
St. Carponius
St. Carpophorus
St. Carpophorus & Abundius
St. Carpus
St. Carpus
St. Carterius
St. Carterius
St. Carthach the Elder
St. Carthach the Younger
Bl. Carthusian Martyrs
St. Carus
St. Casilda of Toledo
St. Casimir
St. Casimir of Poland
Bl. Caspar and Mary Vaz
St. Caspar del Bufalo
Bl. Caspar Fisogiro
Bl. Caspar Kotenda
Bl. Caspar Sadamazu
St. Cassian of Tangier
St. Cassian of Autun
St. Cassian of Benevento
St. Cassian of Imola
St. Cassianus
St. Cassius of Clermont
St. Cassius
St. Cassius of Narni
St. Castor
St. Castor of Apt
St. Castor & Dorotheus
St. Castor & Stephen
St. Castorius
St. Castritian
St. Castulus
St. Castus & Emilius
St. Castus & Secundinus
St. Catald
St. Cataldus
St. Catellus of Castellamore
Bl. Caterina Cittadini
Bl. Caterina Volpicelli
St. Cathan
Bl. Catherine of Pallanza
St. Catherine of Alexandria
St. Catherine of Bologna
St. Catherine Chong Ch'oryom
Bl. Catherine Cottenceau
St. Catherine de Ricci
Bl. Catherine du Verdier de la Soriniere
Bl. Catherine Jarrige
St. Catherine Laboure
St. Catherine of Sweden
St. Catherine of Siena
Bl. Catherine Troiani
St. Catherine Yi
St. Catulinus
St. Cawrdaf
St. Ceallach
St. Cearan
St. Cecilia
St. Cecilia Yu
St. Cedd
Bl. Ceferino Jimenez Malla
St. Ceitho
St. Cele-Christ
St. Celerinus
St. Celestine
St. Celestine I
Pope Celestine II
Celestine III
Celestine IV
St. Celine
St. Cellach
St. Celsus
St. Celsus
St. Censurius
St. Centolla & Helen
St. Ceolfrid
St. Ceollach
St. Ceolwulf of Northumbria
St. Cera
St. Ceratius
St. Ceraunus
St. Cerbonius
St. Cerbonius
St. Cerneuf
St. Cesidio Giacomantonio
Bl. Ceslaus
St. Cettin
St. Cewydd
St. Chad of Mercia
St. Chaeromon
St. Chainaldus
St. Charalampias
St. Charbel
St. Charbel
St. Charbel
St. Charitina
St. Charity
St. Charles Hyon Song-mun
St. Charles Borromeo
St. Charles Cho Shin-ch'ol
Bl. Charles de Faucauld
St. Charles Garnier
Bl. Charles the Good
St. Charles of Mount Argus
St. Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod
St. Charles Lwanga and Companions
St. Charles of Sezze
Sts. Chastan & Imbert
St. Chelidonia
St. Cherimon
St. Chillien
St. Chirstian
Bl. Christian O'Conarchy
St. Christian
St. Christina
Bl. Christina Visconti
St. Christopher
Bl. Christopher Bales
St. Chromatius
St. Chromatius
St. Chrysanthus
St. Chrysanthus Eunuchus
St. Chrysogonus
St. Chrysolius
St. Chuniald & Gislar
St. Cian
St. Cianan
St. Cilinia
St. Cillene
St. Cindeus
St. Cinnia
St. Cirilo Bertran
St. Cissa
St. Cittinus
Bl. Clara Bosatta
St. Clare
St. Clare of Montefalco
Bl. Clare of Rimini
St. Clarus
St. Clarus
St. Clateus
St. Claud
St. Claude La Colombiere
St. Claudia
St. Claudianus
St. Claudianus
St. Claudine Thevenet
Bl. Claudio Granzotto
St. Clelia Barbieri
Pope St. Clement I
Clement II
Clement III
Clement IV
Clement V
Clement VI
St. Clement of Alexandria
Bl. Clemente Marchisio
St. Clementinus
St. Clement Maria Hofbauer
St. Clement of Alexandria
St. Clement of Okhrida
St. Clement of Rome
Bl. Clement Sheptytsky
St. Cleonicus
St. Cleopatra
St. Cleopatra
St. Cleophas
St. Clerus
St. Clether
St. Cletus
St. Clicerius
St. Clinius
St. Clodoald
St. Clodulf of Metz
St. Clotilde
St. Clotsindis
St. Cloud
St. Cocca
St. Cocha
St. Codratus
St. Codratus of Corinth
St. Cogitosus
St. Cointha
St. Colette
St. Colga (Coelchu)
St. Colgan
St. Coliondola
St. Colluthus
St. Colluthus
St. Colman of Cloyne
St. Colman McRhoi
St. Colman of Armagh
St. Colman of Dromore
St. Colman of Elo
St. Colman of Glendalough
St. Colman of Kilmacduagh
St. Colman of Kilroot
St. Colman of Lindisfarne
St. Colman of Lismore
St. Colman of Stockerau
St. Columba
St. Columba Kim Hyo-im
St. Columba the Virgin
St. Columba of Terryglass
St. Columba of Spain
Bl. Columba Gabriel
Bl. Columba Marmion
St. Columban
St. Columbanus
St. Columba of Sens
St. Columbinus
St. Comgall
St. Comgall
St. Comgan
St. Cominus
St. Cominus
St. Comodus
St. Conall
St. Conan
St. Concessa
St. Concordius
St. Condedus
St. Conleth
St. Conleth
St. Connat
St. Conogon
St. Conon
St. Conon of Naso
St. Conon
St. Conon of Naso
Bl. Conor O'Devany
St. Conrad
Bl. Conrad of Seldenburen
St. Conrad of Parzham
St. Conrad of Trier
St. Conran
St. Consortia
St. Constabilis
St. Constantian
St. Constantianus
St. Constantianus
St. Constantine
St. Constantine
St. Constantine the Great
Bl. Constantius
St. Constantius
St. Constanti
St. Constantius
St. Contardo
St. Contentius
St. Conus
St. Convoyon
St. Conwall
St. Copres
St. Copres
St. Corbican
St. Corbinian
St. Corbmac
St. Cordian
St. Corebus
St. Corentin
St. Corentius
St. Cormac
St. Cornelius
St. Cornelius
St. Cornelius
St. Cornelius of Armagh
St. Cornelius
St. Cosmas of Aphrodisia
St. Cosmas of Maiuma
St. Cosmas
St. Cosmas
Sts. Cosmas & Damian
St. Cottidus, Eugene, & Companions
St. Craton
St. Cratusian
St. Credan
St. Crescens
St. Crescens
St. Crescentia
St. Crescentian
St. Crescentian
St. Crescentian
St. Crescentian
St. Crescentiana
St. Crescentius
St. Crescentius
St. Crewanna
St. Crispin
St. Crispin
St. Crispina
Sts. Crispin & Crispinian
St. Crispin of Viterbo
St. Crispulus & Restitutus
St. Crispus & Gaius
St. Cristatus
St. Cristiolus
St. Cristobal Magallanes Jara
St. Croidan
St. Croix
St. Cronan
St. Cronan of Roscrea
St. Cronan Beg
St. Cronan of Roscrea
St. Cronan the Wise
St. Cronides
St. Cronion
St. Cronius
St. Crummine
St. Cuan
St. Cuaran
St. Cucuphas
St. Culen
St. Cumgar
St. Cumine
St. Cummian
St. Cummian Fada
St. Cunegundes
St. Cunera
St. Cuniald & Geslar
St. Curcodomus
St. Curig
St. Curomotus
St. Currentus
St. Cuthbert
St. Cuthbert of Canterbury
St. Cuthbert Mayne
St. Cuthburga
St. Cuthman of Steyning
St. Cybi
St. Cybi
St. Cynfran
St. Cynibild
St. Cynllo
St. Cynthinus
St. Cynwl
St. Cyprian
St. Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage
St. Cyprian
St. Cyprian of Toulon
Bl. Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi
St. Cyrenia & Juliana
St. Cyriaca
St. Cyriaca & Companions
St. Cyriaca & Companions
St. Cyriacus
St. Cyriacus
St. Cyriacus
St. Cyriacus, Saturninus
St. Cyriacus
Sts. Cyril and Methodius
St. Cyril of Alexandria
St. Cyril of Jerusalem
St. Cyrilla
St. Cyril of Alexandria
St. Cyriltus
St. Cyrinus
St. Cyrinus
St. Cyrion
St. Cyrus
St. Cyrus
St. Cyrus and John
St. Cyru
St. Dabamoth (Dibamonia)
St. Dabius
St. Dadas
St. Dafrosa
St. Dagobert II
St. Daig Maccairaill
St. Dalasina
St. Dallan
St. Dalmatius of Pavia
St. Dalmatius of Constantinople
St. Dalmatius of Rodez
St. Damalius
St. Damasus
Pope Saint Damasus I
Damasus II
St. Damhnade
St. Damian
St. Damian
St. Damianus
St. Damianus Nam Myong-hyog
St. Damien of Molokai
St. Damien Nam Myong-hyok
Bl. Damien Yamiki
St. Daniel
St. Daniel
St. Daniel of Padua
St. Daniel
St. Daniel
St. Daniel
St. Daniel
Bl. Daniel Brottier
St. Daniel Comboni
Bl. Daniel Karmasz
St. Daniel the Stylite
St. Darerca of Ireland
St. Daria
St. Darius
St. Darulagdach
St. Dasius
St. Dasius
St. Dathus
St. Datianus
St. Datius
St. Datius
St. Dacius
St. Dativus
St. Dativus
St. Datus
St. David
St. David I of Scotland
St. David
Bl. David Galvan Bermudez
Bl. David Gonson
St. David of Sweden
Bl. David Oghlou David
Bl. David Roldan-Lara
Bl. David Uribe-Velasco
St. Davinus
St. Day
St. Declan
St. Decorosus
St. Decuman
St. Deicola
St. Deifer
St. Deiniol
Bl. Delphina
St. Delphinus
St. Demetria
St. Demetrian
St. Demetrius
St. Demetrius
St. Demetrius
St. Demetrius
St. Demetrius
St. Demetrius
St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki
St. Democritus
St. Demonsia
St. Denecutia
Sts. Denis, Rusticus, and Eleutherius
St. Dentlin
St. Deochar
St. Deodatus
St. Deodatus
St. Deodatus
St. Deodatus
St. Deodatus
St. Deodatus of Nevers
St. Deodatus
Bl. Deogracias Palacios and Companions
St. Deogratius
St. Derferl-Gadarn
St. Dermot
St. Desideratus
St. Desideratus
St. Desideratus
St. Desideratus
St. Desiderius
St. Desiderius
St. Desiderius of Auxerre
St. Desiderius of Cahors
St. Desiderius
St. Deusdedit of Canterbury
St. Deusdedit
St. Deusdedit
St. Deusdedit
St. Deusdedit
St. Pope Deusdedit
St. Devinicus
St. Devniolin
St. Devota
St. Diaconus
Bl. Diana
St. Diarmaid
St. Dichu
St. Dictinus
St. Didacus
Bl. Didacus Carvalho
St. Didier
St. Didier
St. Didymus
Bl. Diego De Avezedo
Bl. Diego Luis de San Vitores
Bl. Diego Oddi
Bl. Diego Ventaja Milan
St. Digain
St. Digna
St. Digna & Emerita
St. Diman
Bl. Dimbalac Oghlou Wartavar
Bl. Dina Belanger
St. Dingad
St. Diodorus
St. Diodorus
St. Diodorus
St. Diodorus & Marianus
St. Diomedes
St. Diomedes
St. Diomma
St. Dionysia
St. Dionysia
St. Dionysius
St. Dionysius
St. Dionysius
St. Dionysius
St. Dionysius
St. Dionysius
St. Dionysius
St. Dionysius the Areopagite
St. Dionysius
St. Dionysius
St. Dionysius
Bl. Dionysius
St. Dionysius the Deacon
Bl. Dionysius Fugishima
St. Dionysius the Great of Alexandria
St. Dionysius of Alexandria
St. Dionysius of Augsburg
St. Dionysius of Corinth
St. Dionysius of Milan
St. Pope Dionysius
Dionysius the Presbyter
St. Dionysius Sebuggwao
St. Dioscorides
St. Dioscorus
St. Dioscorus
St. Dioscurus
St. Dioscurus
St. Disibod
St. Dismas
St. Diuma
St. Dochow
St. Dodo
St. Dodolinus
St. Dogfan
St. Dogmael
St. Doletatulus
Bl. Dolores Rodriguez Sopena
Bl. Dolores Rodriguez Sopena
St. Domangard
Bl. Domenico Lentini
St. Dominator
St. Domingo Hanh Van Nguyen
St. Domingo Nicolas Dat Dinh
St. Domingo Ibanez de Erquicia
Bl. Domingo Iturrate Zubero
St. Dominic
St. Dominic Mao Trong Ha and Companions
St. Dominic
St. Dominica
Dominican Martyrs of Vietnam
St. Dominic de la Calzada
St. Dominic del Val
St. Dominic Doan Xuyen
St. Dominic Henares
Bl. Dominic Jorjes
Bl. Dominic Lentini
St. Dominic Loricatus
Bl. Dominic Nakano
St. Dominic Nicholas Dat
Bl. Dominic Nifaki
St. Dominic of Brescia
Bl. Dominic of Fiunga
Bl.Dominic of Nagasaki
St. Dominic of Silos
St. Dominic of Sora
Bl. Dominic of the Holy Rosary
St. Dominic Savio
St. Dominic Shamada
Bl. Dominic Shibioge
Bl. Dominic Tomaki
St. Dominic Trach
St. Dominic Tuoc
St. Dominicus
St. Dominic Uy
St. Dominic Van Honh Dieu
St. Domitian
St. Domitian of Huy
St. Domitian & Hadelin
St. Domitian of Chalons
St. Domitius
St. Domitius
St. Domitius
St. Domnina of Terni
St. Domnina of Anazarbus
St. Domnina
St. Domninus
St. Domninus
St. Domninus of Fidenza
St. Domninus
St. Domnio
St. Domnio
St. Domnio
St. Domnolus
St. Domnus of Vienne
St. Donald of Ogilvy
St. Donan
St. Donat
St. Donata
St. Donatian
St. Donatian
St. Donatian
St. Donatian
St. Donatian & Rogatian
St. Donatus
St. Donatus
St. Donatus
St. Donatus
St. Donatus
St. Donatus of Evorea
St. Donatus
St. Donatus of Ripacandida
St. Donatus & Hilarinus
St. Donatus of Besancon
St. Donatus of Corfu
St. Donatus of Fiesole
St. Dorothy
St. Dorothy of Montau
St. Dorotheus of Gaza
St. Dositheus
St. Dositheus
St. Dotto
Douai Martyrs
St. Drausinus
St. Drithelm
St. Drithelm
St. Droctoveus
St. Drogo
St. Drostan
St. Drusus
St. Druthmar
St. Dubricus
St. Dubtach
St. Dula
St. Dulas
St. Dulcardus
St. Dulcidius
St. Dulcissima
St. Dunatus
St. Dunchadh
St. Dunchaid O'Braoin
St. Dunstan
St. Duthac
St. Dwynwen
St. Dyfan
St. Dyfnan
St. Dyfnog
St. Dymphn
St. Eadbert
St. Eadfrid
St. Eadnot
St. Eadsin
St. Eanfleda
St. Eanswida
St. Eata
St. Ebba
St. Ebba the Younger
St. Ebba
St. Ebbo
St. Eberbard
St. Ebontius
St. Ebrulf
St. Ebrulf
Ebsdorf Martyrs
St. Ecclesius
St. Echa
St. Edana
St. Edbert
St. Edburga
St. Edburga of Bicester
St. Edburga of Winchester
St. Edeyrn
St. Edgar the Peaceful
St. Edistius
St. Edith of Polesworth
St. Edith Stein
St. Edith of Wilton
Bl. Edmigio
St. Edmund Campion
St. Edmund Campion
St. Edmund Arrowsmith
Bl. Edmund Bojanowski
St. Edmund Campion
St. Edmund Genings
Bl. Edmund Ignatius Rice
St. Edmund Rich
St. Edmund the Martyr
Bl. Edoardo Giuseppe Rosaz
Bl. Edward Burden
Bl. Edward Osbaldeston
Bl. Edward Thwing (Thweng)
Bl. Edward Campion
Bl. Edward Catheriek
Bl. Edward Coleman
St. Edward the Confessor
Bl. Edward Fulthrop
Bl. Edward James
Bl. Edward Jones
Bl. Edward Maria Joannes Poppe
St. Edward the Martyr
Bl. Edward Oldcorne
Bl. Edward Powell
Bl. Edward Shelley
Bl. Edward Stransham
Bl. Edward Waterson
St. Edwen
St. Edwin of Northumbria
St. Edwin of Northumbria
St. Edwold
St. Efflam
St. Egbert
St. Egdunus
St. Egelred
St. Egelwine
St. Egilhard
St. Egilo
St. Egino
St. Egwin of Evesham
St. Eigil of Fulda
St. Eigrad
St. Eingan
St. Einhildis & Roswinda
St. Elaeth
St. Elaphius
St. Elasbaan
St. Elerius
St. Elesbaan
St. Eleuchadius
St. Eleutherius
St. Eleutherius
St. Eletherius
St. Eleutherius
St. Eleutherius
St. Eleutherius of Rocca d'Arce
St. Eleutherius of Nicomedia
St. Eleutherius & Anthia
St. Eleutherius & Leonides
St. Eleutherius of Tournai
St. Elfleda
St. Elfleda
St. Elfleda
St. Elgar
St. Elgiva of Shaftesbury
St. Elia Facchini
St. Elian
St. Elian ap Erbin
St. Elias
St. Elias
St. Elias, Jeremy, and Companions
St. Elias
St. Elias
St. Elias & Companions
St. Eligius
St. Elined
St. Eliphius
St. Elisabeth Chong Chong-hye
St. Elisabeth Tsinn
Bl. Elisabeth Vendramini
St. Elizabeth
St. Elizabeth
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Bl. Elizabeth Canori Mora
St. Elizabeth of Hungary
St. Elizabeth of Schonau
Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity
St. Elizabeth of Portugal
St. Elizabeth Rose
St. Ellidius
St. Eloque
St. Elpidius
St. Elpidius
St. Elpidius the Cappadocian
St. Elsiar
St. Elstan
St. Elvan & Mydwyn
St. Elwin
St. Elzear of Sabran
St. Emebert
St. Emerentiana
St. Emeric
St. Emeritus
St. Emerius
St. Emilas & Jeremiah
St. Emilian
St. Emilian
St. Emilian
St. Emilian
St. Emilian
St. Emilian
St. Emiliana
St. Emiliana
St. Emilian Cucullatus
Bl. Emilian Kovch
Bl. Emilie d'Hooghvorst
Bl. Emilie Tavernier Gamelin
St. Emilius
Bl. Emily Bicchieri
St. Emily de Rodat
St. Emily de Vialar
St. Emma
Bl. Emmanuel d'Abreu
Bl. Emmanuel Domingo y Sol
St. Emmanuel Phung
Bl. Emmanuel Ruiz
St. Emmanuel Trieu
St. Emmelia
St. Emmeramus
St. Emygdius
St. Encratia
St. Enda
St. Endellion
St. Eneco
St. Engelbert
St. Engelmer
St. Engelmund
St. Enghenedl
St. Englatius
St. Ennodius
St. Enoder
St. Enodoch
St. Enogatus
Bl. Enrico Rebuschini
St. Entheus
St. Eoban
St. Eochod of Galloway
St. Epagaphras
St. Epaphroditus
St. Eparchius
St. Eparchius (Cybard)
Ephesus Martyrs
St. Ephrem
St. Ephysius
St. Epicharis
St. Epicharis
St. Epicharis
St. Epimachus
St. Epimachus
St. Epimachus of Alexandria
St Epiphania
St. Epiphania of Pavia
St. Epiphanius
St. Epiphanius of Pavia
St. Epiphanius and Alexander
St. Epiphanius and Basileus
St. Epiphanius of Salamis
St. Equitius
Era of the Martyrs
St. Erasmus
St. Erastus
St. Eraus Shaba
St. Erbin of Dumnonia
St. Ercongotha
St. Erembert
St. Eremberta
St. Erentrude
St. Erentrudis
St. Erfyl
St. Ergnad
St. Erhard of Regensburg
St. Eric IX of Sweden
St. Eric IX of Sweden
St. Erkemboden
St. Erlafrid
St. Erluph
St. Ermelinda
St. Ermenberga
St. Ermenfridus
St. Ermengild
St. Ermengytha
St. Erminold
St. Erminold
St. Erminus
St. Ernest
St. Erotis
St. Erth
St. Eskill
St. Esternus
St. Esterwine
St. Ethbin
St. Etheidreda
St. Etheidwitha
St. Etheihard
St. Ethelbert
St. Ethelbert
St. Ethelbert and Etheired
St. Ethelbert of Kent
St. Ethelburga
Sts. Ethelburga, Ercongota, and Sethrida
St. Ethelburga
St. Ethelburga of Barking
St. Ethelgitha
St. Ethelgiva
St. Ethelnoth
St. Ethelred
St. Ethelreda (Audrey)
St. Ethelwald
St. Ethelwald
St. Ethelwin
St. Ethelwold of Winchester
St. Ethenea and Fidelmia
St. Etherius
St. Etherius
St. Etherius
St. Etherius
St. Ethernan
St. Etienne-Theodore Cuenot
St. Etto
St. Eucarius
St. Eucharius
St. Eucherius of Lyon
St. Eucherius of Orleans
St. Eudo
St. Eudocia
St. Eudoxia
St. Eudoxia
St. Eudoxia at Canopus
St. Eudoxius
Sts. Eudoxius, Zeno, and Companions
St. Eufridus
St. Eugendus
St. Eugene
St. Eugene
Eugene II
Eugene III
Eugene IV
St. Eugene
St. Eugene
St. Eugene
St. Eugene
St. Eugene de Mazenod
St. Eugenia
Bl. Eugenia Ravasco
St. Eugenia
Bl. Eugenia Joubert
St. Eugenian
Bl. Eugenia Picco
St. Eugraphos with Hermogenes Menas, Alexandria Martyrs
St. Eugyppius
St. Eulalia of Merida
Sts. Eulampius and Eulampia
St. Eulogios
St. Eulogius and Companions
St. Eulogius of Alexandria
St. Eulogius of Cordoba
St. Eulogius of Edessa
St. Eumenes
St. Eumenes
St. Euphemia
St. Euphemia
St. Euphrasia of Constantinople
St. Euphrasia Pelletier
St. Euphrasius
St. Euphronius
St. Euphronius
St. Euphrosyne
St. Euphrosyne of Alexandria
St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk
St. Euplius
St. Eupraxia
St. Euprepius of Verona
St. Euprepius
St. Eupsychius
St. Eupsychius
St. Eurgain
St. Eurosia
St. Eusebia
St. Eusebia
Bl. Eusebia Palomino Yenes
St. Eusebia
St. Eusebia
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius
St. Eusebius of Bologna
St. Eusebius of Cremona
St. Eusebius of Milan
St. Eusebius of Rome
St. Eusebius of Samosata
St. Eusebius of Vercelli
St. Euseus
St. Euseus
St. Eusignius
St. Eusignius
St. Eustace
St. Eustace
St. Eustace
St. Eustace
St. Eustace
St. Eustace
St. Eustace White
St. Eustachius
St. Eustachius
St. Eustadiola
St. Eusterius
St. Eustochia Calafato
St. Eustochins
Bl. Eustochium
St. Eustochium
St. Eustochium Calafato
St. Eustolia & Soprata
St. Eustorgius II
St. Eustratius and Companions
St. Euthalia
St. Euthymius
St. Euthymius
St. Euthymius
St. Euthymius
St. Euthymius of Sardis
St. Euthymius the Younger
St. Eutropia
St. Eutropia
St. Eutropia
St. Eutropius
St. Eutropius
St. Eutropius
St. Eutropius
St. Eutychian
St. Eutychius
St. Eutychius
St. Eutychius (Eustathius) and Companions
St. Eutychius
St. Eutychius
St. Eutychius
St. Eutychius
St. Eutychius
St. Eutychius & Domitian
St. Eutychius & Florentius
St. Eutychius of Alexandria
St. Eutychus
St. Eva
St. Evagrius
St. Evagrius of Constantinople
St. Evagrius & Benignus
St. Eval
Bl. Eva of Liege
St. Evan
St. Evangelius of Alexandria
St. Evaristus
St. Evasius
St. Evasius
St. Evasius
St. Evellius
Bl. Everard Hanse
St. Evergislus
St. Everild
St. Evermarus
St. Evermod
St. Evermund
St. Evodius
St. Evodius
St. Evodius
St. Evodius
St. Evortius
St. Eberhard of Friuli
Sts. Ewald the Dark and Ewald the Fair
St. Ewald & Ewald
St. Expeditus
St. Exuperantia
St. Exuperantius
St. Exuperantius of Cingoli
St. Exuperius
St. Exuperius
St. Exuperius of Bayeux
St. Exuperius
St. Ezequiel More
St. Fabian
St. Fabian
St. Fabianus
St. Fabiola
St. Fabius
St. Fabrician and Philibert
St. Fachanan
St. Facio
St. Faciolus
St. Facundius
St. Facundus
St. Faith
St. Faith
St. Famianw
St. Fanchea
St. Fandila
St. Fara
St. Farannan
St. Faro
St. Fausta
St. Fausta and Evilasius
St. Faustina Kowalska
St. Faustinian
Bl. Faustino Miguez
St. Faustinus and Jovita
St. Faustinus
St. Faustinus
St. Faustinus
St. Faustinus
St. Faustinus
St. Faustinus
St. Faustinus & Companions
St. Faustus of Milan
St. Faustus
St. Faustus of Alexandria
St. Faustus
St. Faustus
St. Faustus
St. Faustus of Riez
St. Faustus
St. Faustus
St. Faustus
St. Faustus and Companions
St. Fazzio
Bl. Fazzio
St. Febronia
St. Fechin
Bl. Felcite Pricet
St. Felician
St. Felician of Foligno
St. Felicissimus
St. Felicissimus
St. Felicissimus
St. Felicitas of Rome
St. Felicitas
Sts. Perpetua and Felicity
St. Felicula
St. Felinus and Gratian
Bl. Felipe Ripoll Morata
St. Felix
St. Felix
St. Felix
St. Felix I
St. Felix and Adauctus
St. Felix
St. Felix III
St. Felix IV
St. Felix
St. Felix
St. Felix
St. Felix
St. Felix
St. Felix and Adauctus
St. Felix and Augebert
St. Felix and Constantia
St. Felix and Cyprian
St. Felix and Eusebius
St. Felix & Gennadius
St. Felix & Januarius
St. Felix & Maurus
St. Felix & Regula
Sts. Felix, Fortunatus, & Achilleus
St. Felix of Bologna
St. Felix of Bourges
St. Felix of Brescia
St. Felix of Cantalice
St. Felix of Como
St. Felix of Fondi
St. Felix of Fritzlar
St. Felix of Metz
St. Felix of Nantes
St. Felix of Nola
St. Felix of Pavia
St. Felix of Pistoia
St. Felix of Rhuys
St. Felix of Seville
St. Felix of Spoleto
St. Felix of Thynissa
St. Felix of Valois
St. Felix of Verona
St. Feock
Bl. Ferdinand Ayala
St. Ferdinand III of Castile
St. Ferdinand of Aragon
Bl. Ferdinando Maria Baccilieri
St. Feredarius
St. Fergna
St. Fergus
St. Fergus
St. Ferreolus
St. Ferreolus of Uzes
St. Ferreolus
St. Ferreolus & Ferrutio
St. Ferrutius
St. Fiace
St. Fiachan
St. Fiacre
St. Fibitius
Bl. Fidel Fuidio Rodriguez
St. Fidelis
St. Fidelis
St. Fidelis of Como
St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
St. Fidentius
St. Fidentius
St. Fidentius and Terence
St. Fidharleus
St. Fidouls
St. Fidweten
St. Fientianus
Bl. Filip Geryluk
St. Filippo Smaldone
St. Fillan
St. Fina
St. Finan
St. Finan of Lindisfarne
St. Finan of Lindisfarne
St. Finbar
St. Findan
St. Fingar
St. Finian
St. Finian Lobhar
St. Finian Munnu
St. Finian of Clonard
St. Finlugh
St. Fintan
St. Fintan of Clonenagh
St. Fionnchu
St. Firma
St. Firmatus & Flaviana
St. Firmian
St. Firmina
St. Firminus
St. Firminus
St. Firminus
St. Firminus of Amiens
St. Firminus of Metz
St. Firminus of Uzes
St. Firmus
St. Firmus & Rusticus
St. Firmus of Tagaste
First Martyrs of the See of Rome
St. Flannan
St. Flavia
St. Flavia Domitilla
St. Flavian
St. Flavian
St. Flavian & Elias
St. Flavian of Autun
St. Flavian of Constantinople
St. Flavianus
St. Flavius
St. Flavius Clemens
St. Flocellus
St. Flora
St. Flora & Mary
St. Florentina
Bl. Florentino Asensio Barroso
St. Florentinus of Trier
St. Florentius
St. Florentius
St. Florentius
St. Florentius
St. Florentius
St. Florentius
St. Florentius
St. Florentius
St. Florentius
St. Florentius & Felix
St. Florentius of Carracedo
St. Florentius of Strasbourg
St. Florentius of Vienne
St. Florian
St. Florian
St. Floribert
St. Floribert of Liege
St. Florida
Bl. Florida Cevoli
St. Florus
St. Florus & Laurus
St. Flosculus
St. Foellan
St. Foila
St. Forannan
St. Forannan
St. Forbinus
St. Fortchern
St. Fortunata
St. Fortunata
St. Fortunatus
St. Fortunatus
St. Fortunatus
St. Fortunatus of Spoleto
St. Fortunatus
St. Fortunatus
St. Fortunatus & Lucian
St. Fortunatus & Marcian
St. Fortunatus of Todi
St. Fortunio
Martyrs Four Anonymous
Four Crowned Martyrs
Fourteen Holy Helpers
St. Fragan & Gwen
St. Franca Visalta
St. Frances Bizzocca
Bl. Frances Brideau
St. Francesco Fogolla
St. Francesco M. Lantrua
Bl. Francesco Spinelli
Bl. Frances de Capillas
St. Frances de Croissy
St. Frances of Rome
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
St. Francis Ch'oe Kyong-Hwan
Bl. Francis of Durazzo
Bl. Francis of Pesaro
Bl. Francis of Siena
St. Francis Trung Van Tran
St. Francis Xavier Bianchi
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Francis Borgia
Bl. Francisca Ana Cirer Carbonell
Bl. Franciscan Martyrs of China
St. Francis Caracciolo
St. Francisca Salesia Aviat
Bl. Francis Chakichi
St. Francis Chieu Van Do
Bl. Francisco Palau
Bl. Francisco Faa di Bruno
St. Francisco Fernandez de Capillas
Bl. Francisco Garate
St. Francisco Marto
St. Francisco Serrano Frias
St. Francisco Shoyemon
Bl. Francis de Laval
St. Francis de Morales
St. Francis de Sales
Bl. Francis Dickenson
St. Francis Fasani
St. Francis Ferdinand de Capillas
St. Francis Galvez
St. Francis Gil de Frederich
St. Francis Isidore Gagelin
St. Francis Jaccard
St. Francis Jerome
Bl. Francis Kuloi
Bl. Francis Kurobiove
Bl. Francis Man
St. Francis Nagasaki
St. Francis of Paola
St. Francis of Pesaro
St. Francis of St. Bonaventure
St. Francis of St. Mary
St. Francis of St. Michael
St. Francis Pacheco
St. Francis Page
Bl. Francis Patrizzi
St. Francis Rod
Bl. Francis Serrano
St. Francis Solano
Bl. Francis Takea
St. Francis Tchang-Iun
St. Francis Trung
St. Francis Xavier
St. Francis Xavier Can
St. Francis Xavier Mau
Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos
St. Francois Gagelin
Bl. Francoise Bellanger
Bl. Francoise Bonneau
Bl. Francoise-Louis Chartier
Bl. Francoise Michau
Bl. Francoise Micheneau Gillot
Bl. Francoise Pagis Roulleau
Bl. Francoise Peltier
Bl. Francoise Suhard Menard
St. Francois Regis Clet
St. Fraternus
St. Fredegand
St. Frederick
St. Frederick
Bl. Frederick Albert
Bl. Frederick Jansoone
Bl. Frederic Ozanam
St. Frediano
St. Friard
St. Frideswide
St. Fridolin
St. Frithestan
St. Frodobert
St. Frodobert
St. Froduiphus
St. Fromundus
St. Fronto
St. Fronto and George
St. Fronto and George
St. Fructuosus of Tarragona
St. Fructuosus of Braga
St. Fructus
St. Frugentius
St. Frumentius
St. Fugatius and Damian
St. Fugraphus
St. Fulbert of Chartres
St. Fulco
Bl. Fulco of Neuilly
St. Fulcran
St. Fulgentius of Ruspe
St. Fulgentius of Ruspe
St. Fulgentius of Cartagena
St. Fulk
St. Fulk
St. Fulk of Pavia
St. Fulrad
Venerable Fulton J. Sheen
St. Fulvianus
St. Fursey
St. Fusca and Marura
St. Fymbert
St. Fyncan
St. Benezet
St. Gabinus
St. Gabriel
St. Gabriel Taurin Dufresse
St. Gabriel, the Archangel
St. Gabriel Francis of our Lady of Sorrows
St. Gabriel Jusuke
St. Gabriella
St. Gabriel Lalement
Bl. Gabrielle Androuin
Bl. Gabriel of St. Magdalen
Bl. Gaetana Sterni
St. Gaetano Catanoso
St. Gaetano Errico
St. Gagericus
St. Gaius
St. Gaius
St. Gaius Francis
Bl. Gaius of Korea
St. Galagnus
St. Galanus
St. Gelasius I
St. Galation
St. Galdinus
St. Gall
St. Gall
St. Galla
St. Gallgo
St. Gallicanus
St. Gallinicus
St. Gamaliel
St. Gamelbert of Michaelsbuch
St. Gamo
St. Gangulphus
St. Garbhan
St. Garcia
St. Garibaldus
St. Gaspar
St. Gaspar Bertoni
St. Gatian
St. Gaucherius
St. Gaudentia
St. Gaudentius
St. Gaudiosus of Naples
St. Gaudlosus the African
St. Gebetrude
St. Gebhard of Constance
St. Gebizo
St. Gebuinus
St. Gedeon
St. Gelasius
St. Gelasius
St. Gelasius I
Gelasius II
St. Gelatus
St. Gemellus
St. Geminian
St. Geminus
St. Geminus
St. Gemma Galgani
St. Gemus
St. Generosa
St. Generosus
St. Genesius
St. Genesius of Arles
St. Genevieve
St. Genistus
St. Gennadius
St. Gennard
Bl. Gennaro Sarnelli
St. Genoveva Torres Morales
St. Genulfus and Genitus
St. George
Bl. George Douglas
Bl. George Gervase
Bl. George Haydock
St. George Liminotes
Bl. George Matulaitis
St. George Napper
St. George of Amastris
St. George of Antioch
St. George of Lodeve
St. George of Vienne
St. George Preca
Bl. George Swallowell
St. Georgia
St. Georgia
St. Gerald
St. Gerald of Sauve-Majeure
St . Gerald of Aurillac
St. Gerard of Saint-Wandrille
St. Gerard de Lunel
St. Gerard Majella
St. Gerard of Brogne
St. Gerard Sagredo
St. Gerasimus of the Jordan
St. Gerbold
St. Gercon
St. Gerebald
St. Gerebrand
Bl. Geremia Oghlou Boghos
St. Gereon
St. Gerintius of Italica
St. Gerinus
St. Gerlac
St. Gerland
St. Germaine Cousin
St. Germana Cousin
St. Germanicus of Smyrna
St. Germanicus of Smyrna
St. Germanus
St. Germanus
St. Germerius
St. Germoc
St. Gerold
St. Gerontius of Cervia
St. Gertrude
St. Gertrude of Hamage
St. Gertrude Caterina Comensoli
St. Gertrude the Great
St. Gertrude of Nivelles
St. Gerulph
St. Geruntius
St. Gervase
St. Getulius
St. Gezelin
St. Ghislain
Bl. Giacomo Alberione
Bl. Giacomo Cusmano
St. Gianna Beretta Molla
St. Gibardus
St. Gibitrudis
St. Gibrian
St. Gilbert of Sempringham
St. Gildard
St. Gilduin
St. Giles
St. Giles, Abbot
St. Giles of Assisi
St. Giles Mary of Saint Joseph
St. Gilstlian
Bl. Giovanni Antonio Farina
St. Giovanni Calabria
Bl. Giovanni Maria Boccardo
Bl. Giovanni Mazzucconi
St. Giovanni Piamarta
St. Giulia Salzano
Bl. Giuseppe Baldo
Bl. Giuseppe Benedetto Dusmet
St. Giuseppe Marello
St. Giuseppe Maria Tommasi
Bl. Giuseppe "Pino" Puglis
Bl. Giuseppe Tovini
Bl. Giuseppina Bonino
St. Givalius
St. Gladys
St. Glaphyra
St. Glastian
St. Glodesind
St. Glushallaich
St. Gluvias
St. Glyceria
St. Glyceria
St. Glycerius
St. Glycerius
St. Glycerius
St. Goar
St. Goban
St. Gobnata
St. Gobrain
St. Godebertha
St. Godfrey
Bl. Godfrey II (Geoffroy II) de Loudon
St. Godo
St. Godwin
St. Goeric of Metz
St. Goeznoveus
St. Gohardus
St. Gollen
St. Golvinus
St. Gonclaco Garcia
St. Goneri of Brittany
St. Gonsalo Garcia
St. Gonzaga Gonza
Bl. Gonzalo de Amarante
St. Goran
St. Gordian and Epimachus
St. Gorfor
St. Gorgias
St. Gorgonia
St. Gorman
St. Gormcal
St. Gosbert
St. Goswin
St. Gotteschalk
St. Gottschalk
St. Govan
St. Grata
St. Gratia
Bl. Gratia
St. Gratus
St. Gredifael
St. Gregorio Grassi
St. Gregory of Ostia
Bl. Gregory of Verucchio
Bl. Gregory X
Gregory XI
Gregory XII
St. Gregory II
Pope Saint Gregory III
Gregory IV
Gregory V
Gregory VI
St. Gregory VII
Gregory VIII
Gregory IX
St. Gregory Barbarigo
St. Gregory the Enlightener
Pope Saint Gregory the Great
Bl. Gregory Khomyshyn
Bl. Gregory Lakota
St. Gregory of Narek
St. Gregory Nazianzus
St. Gregory of Nyssa
St. Gregory Palamas
St. Gregory the Sinaite
St. Gregory Thaumaturgus
St. Grimbald
Bl. Grimoaldo of the Purification
St. Grimoaldus
St. Grimonia
St. Grwst
Our Lady of Guadalupe
St. Guasacht
St. Gudelia
St. Gudula
St. Gudwal
St. Guenhael
St. Guenninus
St. Guerembaldus
St. Guesnoveus
St. Guevrock
St. Guido Maria Conforti
St. Guier
Bl. Guillaume Repin
Bl. Guillermo Courtet
St. Guinizo
St. Guitmarus
St. Gulstan
St. Gumbert (Gondebert)
St. Gumesindus
St. Gummarus
St. Gundebert
Bl. Gundechar II
St. Gundelindis
St. Gundenis
St. Gundisalvus Garcia
Bl. Gundislavus Fusai
St. Gondulphus of Tongeren
St. Gunifort
St. Gunioc
Bl. Gunther
St. Gunthiern
St. Gurloes
St. Guthagon
St. Guthlac
St. Guy
St. Guy of Anderlecht
St. Guy of Pomposa
Bl. Guy Vignotelli
St. Gwen
St. Gwerir
St. Gwynllyw
St. Gyavire
Bl. Maria Boznel
Bl. Fr. Miroslav Bulesic
St. Rafqa
St. Habedeum
St. Habet Deus
St. Hadelin
St. Haduin
St. Hadulph
St. Hagio
St. Hallvard
St. Hanibal Maria Di Francia
Bl. Hans Wagner
St. Hardoin
St. Hardulph
Sts. Harlindis and Relindis
St. Harold
St. Harvey
Bl. Haseka (Hazeka)
St. Hatebrand
St. Hedda
St. Hedwig
St. Hedwig of Poland
St. Hegesippus
St. Heimrad
St. Heimrad (Haimerad)
St. Helanus
St. Heldrad
St. Helen
St. Helena
St. Helena
St. Helen of Skovde
St. Helen of Skovde
St. Helenus
St. Heliconis
Bl. Helie de Bourdeille
St. Helier
St. Heliodorus
St. Heliodorus
St. Heliodorus
St. Heliodorus
St. Heliodorus
St. Helladius
St. Helladius and Theophilus the Deacon
St. Helladius of Auxerre
St. Hemerion
St. Hemiterius and Cheledonius
St. Henry
St. Henry
Bl. Henry Abbot
St. Henry de Osso y Cervello
St. Henry II
St. Henry of Cocket
St. Henry of Uppsala
Bl. Henry Suso
St. Henry of Sweden
St. Henry of Uppsala
St. Henry Walpole
St. Theoctie
St. Heraclas
St. Heraclas, Bishop, and Helladius
St. Heraclemon
St. Heraclemon and others hermits of Kemet
St. Heraclius
St. Heraclius and Zosimus
St. Heraclius of Sens
St. Heradius
St. Heradius and Zozimus
St. Herais
St. Herais
St. Herais (Iraja)
St. Herbert
St. Herbert of Derwentwater
St. Herbert Hoscam
St. Herculafilis
St. Herculaflus
St. Herculanils
St. Herebald
St. Heredina
St. Hereswitha
St. Heribert of Cologne
Bl. Herman the Cripple
St. Herman Joseph
St. Hermas
St. Hermengaudis
St. Hermengild
St. Hermenland
St. Hermes
St. Hermes
St. Hermes
St. Hermes
St. Hermes and Adrian
St. Hermias
St. Hermione
St. Hermogenes
St. Hermogenes
St. Hermogenes of Alexandria
St. Hermogenes with Menas, & Eugraphos, Alexandria Martyrs
St. Hermogius
St. Hermolaus
St. Hermylus
St. Hernan
St. Herodion
St. Heron
St. Heron
St. Herulph
St. Herve
St. Herve
St. Hesychius
St. Hesychius
St. Hesychius
St. Hesychius of Antioch
St. Hiduiphus
St. Hidulphus
St. Hiero
St. Hieron
St. Hieronides
St. Hieroteus
St. Hieroteus
St. Hierotheus
St. Hieu
St. Hilaria
St. Hilarion
St. Hilarion (Hilarianus)
St. Hilarius
St. Hilarius
St. Hilary
St. Hilary
St. Hilary
St. Hilary
St. Hilary
St. Hilary of Galeata
St. Hilary
St. Hilary of Poitiers
St. Hilary, Pope
St. Hilary of Arles
St. Hilda
St. Hilda of Whitby
St. Hildebert
St. Hildegarde
St. Hildegard of Bingen
St. Hildegrin
St. Hildegund
St. Hildelitba
St. Hildemar
St. Hildemar
Bl. Hildemar
St. Hildemarca
St. Hilduard
St. Hilorian
St. Hiltrude
St. Himelin
St. Himelin
St. Himerius of Cremona
St. Hipolytus
St. Hipparchus and Companions
St. Hippeas
St. Hippolytus
St. Hippolytus
St. Hippolytus
St. Hippolytus
St. Hippolytus of Porto
St. Hiro
St. Homobonus
St. Honestus
St. Honorata
St. Honorata
St. Honoratus
St. Honoratus of Amiens
St. Honoratus
St. Honoratus
St. Honoratus
St. Honoratus of Aries
St. Honoratus
St. Honoratus
Bl. Honoratus Kozminski
St. Honoratus of Amiens
St. Honoratus of Toulouse
St. Honoratus of Vercelli
St. Honorina
St. Honorius
St. Honorius
Honorius II
Honorius III
Honorius IV
St. Honorius of Brescia
St. Honorius of Canterbury
St. Hopaesius
St. Hope
St. Hor
St. Hor
St. Hor (Anba Hor)
St. Hormisdas
St. Hormisdas
St. Hormisdas Pope
St. Hortulanus
St. Hortulanus
St. Horus of the Thebaid
St. Hubert
Hubert Schiffer
St. Hubert
St. Hugh
St. Hugh of Lincoln
St. Hugh dei Lippi Uggucioni
Bl. Hugh Faringdon
Bl. Hugh Green
St. Hugh of Lincoln
Bl. Hugh More
St. Hugh of Ambronay
St. Hugh of Anzy le Duc
St. Hugh of Grenoble
St. Hugh of Lincoln
St. Hugh of Noara
St. Hugh of Rouen
St. Hugh the Great
St. Hugh the Little
Bl. Humbald
St. Humbeline
St. Humbert of Morailles
Bl. Humbert III of Savoy
Bl. Humbert of Romans
Bl. Humbert
Bl. Humbert
St. Humilitas
St. Humphrey
St. Humphrey Lawrence
Bl. Humphrey Middlemore
St. Hunegund
St. Hunger
St. Hunna
St. Huno
St. Hyacinth
St. Hyacinth
St. Hyacinth
St. Hyacinth
St. Hyacinth of Caesarea
St. Hyacinth
St. Hyacinth
St. Hyacinth Castaneda
Bl. Hyacinthe Marie Cormier
Bl. Hyacinth Jordan Ansalone
Bl. Hyacinth of Englene
St. Hyacinth Orfanel
St. Hydroc
St. Hygbald
St. Hyginius
St. Hyginus, Pope
St. Hypatius of Gangra
St. Hypatius
St. Hypatius of Bithynia
St. Hypatius and Andrew
St. Hyperechios
St. Hyperechius
St. Hywyn
St. Ia
St. Ia of Cornwall
St. Ibar of Beggerin
St. Ibeion the Confessor
Bl. Ida of Louvain
St. Idus of Leinster
St. Ignacio Delgado y Cebrian
Bl. Ignacy Franczuk
St. Ignatius of Africa
St. Ignatius de Azevado and Companions
Bl. Nazju Falzon
Bl. Ignatius Jorjes
St. Ignatius Kim Chejun
St. Ignatius Loyola
St. Ignatius of Antioch
St. Ignatius of Laconi
St. Ignatius of Santhia
Bl. Ignazio Maloyan
St. Ildephonsus
St. Illadan
St. Illidius
St. Illtyd
St. Illuminata
St. Illuminatus
Bl. Imelda
St. Imma
St. Indes
St. Indract
St. Ine of Wessex
Bl. Inez
St. Ingenuus
St. Ingenuus
St. Ingrid of Sweden
St. Inigo
St. Injuriosus and Scholastica
St. Innocent
St. Innocent
St. Innocent
Innocent II
Innocent III
Innocent IV
Innocent V
Innocent VI
Innocent VII
Innocent VIII
St. Innocent I
St. Innocentius
St. Innocent of Tortuna
St. Inocencio de la Immaculada
St. Ioasaph
St. Iphigenia
St. Irais
St. Irais (Rhais) of Antinoe
St. Iranaeus
St. Iraya (Herais),
St. Irenaeus
St. Irenaeus of Sirmium
St. Irenaeus and Abundius
St. Irenaeus and Mustiola
St. Irenaeus of Sirmium
St. Irene
St. Irene
St. Irene
St. Irene of Tomar
St. Irenius of Kemet
17 Irish Martyrs
St. Irmina
St. Isaac
St. Isaac of Spoleto
St. Isaac, Thomas, and Victor
St. Isaac
St. Isaac
St. Isaac the Great
Sts. Isaac Jogues and Rene Goupil
St. Isaac of Cordoba
St. Isabel of France
St. Isidore of Seville
St. Isaiah
St. Isaias
St. Isarnus of Toulouse
St. Isaurus
St. Isberga
St. Ischyrion
St. Ischyrion
Bl. Isabel Fernandez
St. Isidora
St. Isidora the Simple
St. Isidore, the Farmer
Bl. Isidore Bakanja
St. Isidore the Confessor
Bl. Isidore of Saint Joseph
St. Ita
St. Ithamar
St. Ivan
Bl. Ivan Merz
Bl. Ivan Ziatyk
St. Ivo of Chartres
St. Ivo of Kerm
Bl. Jacinta Marto
Bls. Jacinto de los Angeles and Juan Bautista
Bl. Jacinto Hoyuelos Gonzalo
St. Jacob Chastan
St. Jacob of Mahdjudh
St. Jacob of Nisibis
Bl. Jacobo Kyushei Gorobioye Tomonaga
St. Jacobus and Bishop Secundianus
Bl. Jacopino de'Canepacci
Bl. Jacoba of Settesoli
St. Jacques Berthieu
St. Jacques Fremin
Bl. Jacques Laigneau de Langellerie
Bl. Jacques Laval
Bl. Jacques Ledoyen
St. Jacut and Guethenoc
St. Jaime Hilario Barbel
Bl. Jaime Hilario
Bl. Jakob Gapp
Bl. James Kern
St. Jambert
Bl. James Bertoni
Sts. James Nam, Anthony Dich Nguyen, and Michael My Huy Nguyen
Bl. James Andrade
Bl. James Bird
St. James Buzabalio
Bl. James Claxton
Bl. James Denshi
Bl. James Duckett
Bl. James Fayashida
Bl. James Feun
St. James the Greater
Bl. James Guengoro
St. James Ien-Ku-Tun
St. James Intercisus
St. James Kisai
St. James Lacop
St. James the Lesser
St. James of Manug
St. James Nam
St. James of Sasseau
St. James of Tarentaise
St. James of the Marches
St. James of Toul
St. James Tciao-Tciuen-Sin
St. James the Deacon
St. James the Hermit
St. James the Less
St. James the Syrian
Bl. James Thompson
Bl. Jan Andrzejuk
St. Jane Antide Thouret
St. Jeanne de Lestonnac
St. Jeanne-Elisabeth Bichier de Ages
St. Jane Frances de Chantal
Bl. Jane Gerald
Bl. Jane Louise Barre and Jane Reine Prin
St. Jan Sarkander
St. Januaria
St. Januaria
St. Januarius
St. Januarius
St. Januarius and Pelagia
St. Januarius, Marinus, Nabor, and Felix
St. Januarius, Maxima, and Macaria
St. Jarlath
St. Jarlath
St. Jarlath
St. Jason
Bl. Jean-Nicolas Cordier
Bl. Jean-Baptiste Lego
St. Jean de Brebeuf
Bl. Jean Menard
Bl. Jean-Michel Langevin
Bl. Jeanne Bourigault
St. Jeanne Delanoue
Bl. Jeanne Fouchard Chalonneau
Bl. Jeanne Gourdon Moreau
Bl. Jeanne Gruget Doly
St. Jeanne Jugan
St. Jeanne-Marie Kerguin
Bl. Jeanne-Marie Leduc Paquier
Bl. Jeanne-Marie Sailland d'Epinatz
Bl. Jeanne Onillon
Bl. Jeanne Thomas Delaunay
Bl. Jenaro Sanchez Delgadillo
Bl. Jeremiah of Valachia
St. Jeremy
St. Jerome
Bl. Jerome de Angelis
St. Jerome de Torres
St. Jerome Emiliani
St. Jerome Hermosilla
St. Jerome Lou-Tin-Mei
Bl. Jerome Lu
St. Jerome of Pavia
St. Jerome of Werden
St. Jessica
St. Jesuit Martyrs of Paraguay
Bl. Jesus Hita Miranda
Sts. Joachim and Anne
Bl. Joachim Firayama Diz
St. Joachim Ho
St. Joachim Royo
St. Joachim Sakachibara
St. Joan of Arc
St. Joan de Lestonnac
St. Joanna
St. Joannicus of Mount Olympus
Bl. Joanninus de San Juan
St. Joan of Valois
St. Jodoc
Bl. Johannes Baptist av Oaxaca
Bl. Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer
St. John
St. John
St. John Baptist Chon Chang-Un
St. John Baptist Nam Chong-Sam
St. John Baptist Scalabrini
Bl. John de Barastre
Bl. John Duckett
St. John Grove
Bl. John Hambley
St. John of Matera
St. John of Monte Marano
Bl. John Rainuzzi
St. John the Hermit
Bl. John Thules and Roger Wrenno
Sts. John, Anthony, and Eustace
John I
John II
St. John of Pavia
John III
John IV
John V
John VI
John VII
John IX
Bl. John Alcober
St. John Almond
St. John the Almsgiver
Bl. John Amias
St. John and Abraham
St. John & Benignus
St. John & Crispus
St. John & Festus
St. John & James
St. John & Paul
St. John Angeloptes
St. John the Apostle
St. John the Baptist
St. John Baptist Con
St. John Baptist de la Salle
Bl. John Baptist Lo
St. John Baptist Machado
St. John Baptist Ou-Man-T'Ang
St. John Baptist de Rossi
St. John Baptist Tchao-Ming
St. John Baptist Tchou-Ou-Joei
St. John Baptist Thanh
St. John Baptist Vianney
St. John Baptist Yi Kwangnyol
Bl. John Baptist Zola
Bl. John Beche
St. John Berchmans
Bl. John Bodey
St. John Bosco
St. John Boste
Bl. John Cacciafronte
St. John Calabytes
St. John Camillus the Good
St. John Canh
St. John Cantius
Bl. John Carey
St. John Cassian
St. John Charles Cornay
St. John Chrysostom
St. John Climacus
Bl. John Cornelius
St. John of the Cross
St. John of Damascus
St. John Dat
BL. John Davy
St. John de Atares
St. John de Brebeuf & Companions
St. John de Britto
St. John del Prado
St. John Macias
St. John de Ortega
St. John de Ribera
Bl. John Duckett
St. John of Dukla
Bl. John Duns Scotus
St. John the Dwarf
St. John Eudes
St. John the Evangelist
Bl. John Eynon
Bl. John Felton
Bl. John Fenwick & John Gavan
Bl. John Fernandez
Bl. John Finch
St. John Fisher
Bl. John Forest
Bl. John Foyamon
St. John Francis Regis
St. John Gabriel Perboyre
Bl. John-Gabriel Perboyre
Bl. John Gaspard Cratz
St. John Gaulbert, Abbot
St. John of God
St. John Grande
Bl. John Grove
Bl. John Haile
St. John Hoan
St. John Houghton
Bl. John Inamura
Bl. John Ingram
Bl. John Ireland
Bl. John Ivanango & John Montajana
St. John Jones
St. John Joseph of the Cross
St. John-Joseph of the Cross
St. John of Kanty
St. John Kemble
Bl. John Kingoku
Bl. John Kinsako
St. John Kokumbuko
Bl. John Lantrua of Triora
Bl. John Larke
St. John Leonardi
Bl. John Lockwood
St. John-Louis Bonnard
St. John Louis Bonnard
Bl. John Maid
St. John Maria Muzeyi
St. John Mark
St. John Mary Mzec
Bl. John Mason
St. John the Merciful
Bl. John Naisen
Bl. John Nangata
Bl. John Nelson
St. John Nepomucene
St. John Nepomucene Neumann
St. John Neumann
St. John of Nicomedia
St. John of Autun
St. John of Avila
St. John of Bergamo
St. John of Beverly
St. John of Bridlington
St. John of Capistrano
Bl. John of Cetina
St. John of Chalons
St. John of Chinon
St. John of Cologne
St. John of Constantinople
St. John of Edessa
St. John of Egypt
St. John of Gorze
Bl. John of Korea
St. John of Lodi
St. John of Martha
St. John of Meda
St. John of Monte Marano
St. John of Nicomedia
St. John of Osterwick
Bl. John of Parma
St. John of Perugia & Peter of Sassoferrato
St. John of Pulsano
St. John of Ratzeburg
St. John of Ravenna
St. John of Reomay
Bl. John of Rochester
St. John of Sahagun
Bl. John of Saint Martha
St. John of Syracuse
St. John of the Goths
St. John of the Grating
St. John of Tuy
St. John of Verona
St. John Ogilvie
St. John Ou-Wenn-Yinn
St. John Pak
St. John Payne
St. John Peter Neel
Bl. John Pibush
St. John Plessington
St. John Rigby
St. John of Rila
St. John Roberts
Bl. John Robinson
Bl. John Roche & Margaret Ward
Bl. John Rugg
Bl. John of Ruysbroeck
Bl. John Saziari
St. John Serapion
St. John, Sergius, & Companions
Bl. John Shert
Bl. John Shoun
St. John of Shutp (Setes)
Bl. John Slade
Bl. Ivan Sleziuk
St. John Soan de Goto
St. John Southworth
Bl. John Speed
St. John Stone
Bl. John Storey
Bl. John Tanaka
St. John Tchang
St. John Tchen
St. John Thanh Van Dinh
St. John the Almoner
St. John the Dwarf
St. John the Iberian
St. John Theristus
Bl. John the Saxon
St. John the Silent
St. John the Syrian of Pinna
St. John the Wonder-Worker
Bl. John Thorne
Bl. John Tomaki
St. John Van
St. John Vianney
St. John Vincent
St. John Wall
St. John Wang-K'Oei-Sinn
John X
John XI
John XII
John XIV
John XIX
John XV
John XXI
St. John XXIII
St. John Yano
St. John Yi Kwong-hai
St. John Yi Munu
St. John Yi Yunil
St. Jonah the Sabbaite
St. Jonas
St. Jonas
St. Jonatus
St. Jorandus
St. Jordan
Bl. Josaphat Chichov
Bl. Josaphata Michaelina Hordashevska
Bl. Josaphat Kocylovskyj
St. Josaphat of Polotsk
Bl. Jose Aparicio Sanz, Enrique Juan Requena, and Jose Perpina Nacher
Bls. Jose Aparicio Sanz, Enrique Juan Requena, and Jose Perpina Nacher
St. Jose Thi Dang Le
Bl. José Trinidad Rangel
Bl. Jose Cecilio
Bl. Jose de Anchieta
Bl. Josefa Naval Girbes
St. Josef Bilczewski
Bl. Jose Isabel Flores Varela
St. Jose Manyanet y Vives
St. Jose Maria de Yermo y Parres
St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer
Bl. José María of Manila
St. Jose Maria Robles Hurtado
Bl. Jose M. Rubio y Peralta
St. Joseph
St. Joseph
St. Joseph Chang Song-jib
Bl. Joseph Freinademetz
Bl. Joseph-Marie Cassant
St. Joseph Abibos
Bl. Joseph Allamano
St. Joseph Cafasso
St. Joseph Calasanctius
St. Joseph Canh
St. Joseph Canh Luang Hoang
St. Joseph Chang
St. Joseph Chang Chugi
St. Joseph Chang-Ta-Pong
St. Joseph Cho Yunho
St. Joseph Cottolengo
St. Joseph of Cupertino
Venerable Joseph de Veuster
Bl. Joseph Fernandez
Bl. Joseph Gerard
St. Joseph Hien
St. Joseph Im Ch'ibaeg
St. Josephine Bakhita
St. Josephine Bakhita
Bl. Josephine Vannini
St. Joseph Khang
Bl. Josephine Leroux
St. Joseph Luu
St. Joseph Marchand
St. Joseph Marello
St. Joseph Maria Gambaro
St. Joseph Mary Tommasi
St. Joseph Ma-Tllen-Chounn
Bl. Joseph Moreau
St. Joseph Moscati
St. Joseph Mukasa
Bl. Joseph Nascimbeni
St. Joseph Nghi
St. Joseph Nien Vien
St. Joseph of Antioch
St. Joseph of Arimathea
St. Joseph of Barsabas
St. Joseph of Cupertino
St. Joseph of Leonissa
St. Joseph of Palestine
St. Joseph of Persia
St. Joseph of St. Hyacinth
St. Joseph of Volokolamsk
St. Joseph Oriol
St. Joseph Peter Han Wonso
St. Joseph Peter Uyen
St. Joseph Pignatelli
St. Joseph the Hymnographer
St. Joseph Thi
Bl. Joseph Tshang
Bl. Joseph Tshang-ta-Pong
Bl. Joseph Vaz
St. Joseph Wang-Jou-Mei
St. Joseph Wang-K'Oei-Tsu
St. Joseph Yuang-Keng-Yinn
St. Joseph Yuen
Bl. Joseph Yuen
St. Joseph Zhang Dapeng
St. Joshua
St. Jovinian
St. Jovinus & Basileus
St. Jovita
St. Jozef Sebastian Pelczar
St. Pope John Paul II
Bl. Juan Bautista Ferreres Boluda
Bl. Juan Nepomuceno Zegri Y Moreno
Bl. Juana Maria Condesa Lluch
Bl. Juana Maria Condesa Lluch
St. Juan de Castillo
St. Juan Diego
St. Jucunda
St. Jucundian
St. Jucundianus
St. Jucundus
St. Jucundus of Bologna
St. Judas Cyriacus
St. Jude Thaddaeus
St. Jules D'acfahs
St. Julia
St. Julia
Bl. Julia Salzano
St. Julia of Carthage
St. Julia Maria Ledóchowska
St. Julian
St. Julian of Le Mans
St. Julian
St. Julian
St. Julian
St. Julian
St. Julian
St. Julian
St. Juliana of Nicomedia
St. Juliana Falconieri
St. Julian Alfredo
St. Julian of Anazarbus
St. Julian and Basilissa
St. Julian of Bologna
St. Juliana of Cumae
St. Juliana of Norwich
St. Juliana of Pavilly
St. Julian of Antioch
St. Julian of Apamea
St. Julian of Auvergne
St. Julian of Caesarea
St. Julian of Cagliari
St. Julian of Cuenca
St. Julian of Egypt
St. Julian of Le Mans
St. Julian of Lyons
St. Julian of Sora
St. Julian of Toledo
St. Julian Sabas the Elder
St. Julian the Hospitaler
St. Julianus
St. Julia Billiart
St. Julia of Merida
St. Julia of Troyes
St. Julie Billiart
St. Juliet Kim
Bl. Juliette Verolot
Bl. Julio Junyer Padern
St. Julio Alvarez Mendoza
St. Julitta
St. Julius
St. Julius
St. Julius
St. Julius
St. Julius and Aaron
St. Julius of Dorostorum
St. Julius of Novara
St. Jung Hye
St. Junian
St. Junian
St. Junipero Serra
St. Jurmin
St. Just
St. Just
St. Justa and Rufina
St. Justin
St. Justin
St. Justin
St. Justina of Antioch
St. Justina of Padua
St. Justin de Jacobis
St. Justin Martyr
St. Justino Orona Madrigal
St. Justin of Chieti
St. Justus
St. Justus
St. Justus & Abundius
St. Justus of Beauvais
Justus of Canterbury
St. Justus of Lyons
St. Justus of Poland
St. Justus of Trieste
St. Justus of Urgel
St. Juthware
St. Jutta
St. Juvenal of Benevento
St. Juvenal of Narni
St. Juventius
St. Juventius & Maximus
St. Juventius
St. Kalufa
Bl. Kamen Vitchev
St. Kanten
St. Kapalichus
St. Karion (Cyrion)
Bl. Karl Leisner
Bl. Karolina Kozka
Bl. Kaspar Stangassinger
St. Kateri Tekakwitha
St. Katharine Drexel
St. Kea
St. Kenan
St. Kenelm
St. Kennera
St. Kenneth
St. Kennocha
St. Kentigerna
St. Kentigern Mungo
St. Kessag
St. Keverne
St. Kevin
St. Kevoca
St. Kevoca
St. Keyne
Bl. Khodianin Oghlou Kadir
St. Kiara
St. Kieran
St. Kieran of Saigir
St. Kigwe
St. Kilian
St. Kilian
St. Kinga of Poland
St. Kingsmark
St. Kinnia
St. Kirdjun (ABAKERAZUM)
St. K'I-Tchou-Tzeu
St. Kizito
St. Kogantianus
Bl. Konstanty Bojko
Bl. Konstanty Lukaszuk
St. Korean Martyrs
Bl. Kouradji Oghlou Tzeroum
St. Kundegunda
Bl. Kuriakos Elias Chavara
St. Kyneburga, Kyneswide, & T
St. Lactali
Bl. Ladislaus Batthyany-Strattmann
St. Laetantius
St. Laetus
St. Laetus
St. Lamalisse
St. Lambert & Valerius
St. Lambert of Lyon
St. Lambert of Maastricht
St. Lambert of Saragossa
St. Landeilnus
St. Landericus
St. Landericus
St. Landoald
St. Landrada
St. Landry (Landericus)
St. Landulf of Yariglia
St. Lang-Yang-Cheu
St. Lantfrid
St. Lasar
St. Laserian
St. Laszlo
St. Latinus
St. Laura
St. Laura of Saint Catherine of Siena
St. Laura
Bl. Laura Vicuna
St. Laurence
Bl. Laurent Batard
Bl. Laurentia Herasymiv
St. Laurentinus
St. Laurianus
St. Laurus
St. Lauto
St. Lawdog
St. Lawrence O'Toole
St. Lawrence Huong Van Nguyen
Bl. Lawrence Nerucci and Companions
St. Lawrence of Brindisi
St. Lawrence Giustiniani
St. Lawrence Han Ihyong
Bl. Lawrence Humphrey
St. Lawrence Huong
St. Lawrence Imbert
Bl. Lawrence Jamada
St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr
Bl. Lawrence Nerucci
St. Lawrence of Canterbury
St. Lawrence of Novara
St. Lawrence of Siponto
St. Lawrence O'Toole
Bl. Lawrence PeMan
Bl. Lawrence Richardson
Bl. Lawrence Rokuyemon
St. Lorenzo Ruiz
Bl. Lawrence Shizu
Bl. Lawrence Wang
Bl. Lazaro of Kyoto
St. Lazarus
St. Lazarus of Bethany
St. Lazarus Zographos
St. Lea
St. Leander of Seville
St. Lebuin
St. Leger
St. Lelia
St. Leo
St. Leo & Juliana
St. Leobald
St. Leobard
St. Leobinus
St. Leocadia
St. Leocrita
St. Leodegarius
St. Leo the Great
St. Leo Ignazio Mangin
Leo II
Leo IV
Leo IX
St. Leo Karasuma
Bl. Leo Kombiogi
St. Leo Luke
St. Leomdas and Companions
Bl. Leo Nakanishi
St. Leonard
St. Leonard Kimura
St. Leonard Muraildo
Bl. Leonardo Pérez Larios
St. Leonard of Noblac
St. Leonard of Port Maurice
St. Leonard of Reresby
St. Leonard Vandoeuvre
St. Leonard Wegel
St. Leonianus
St. Leonides of Alexandria
Bl. Leonid Feodorov
St. Leonitus
St. Leontius
St. Leontius
St. Leontius
St. Leontius of Fréjus
St. Leontius
St. Leontius
St. Leontius of Caesarea
St. Leontius the Elder
St. Leontius the Younger
St. Leo of Catania
St. Leo of Lucca
St. Leo of Melun
St. Leo of Nonantula
St. Leo of Rouen
St. Leo of Sens
St. Leo of Troyes
St. Leopardinus
St. Leopardus
St. Leopold
St. Leopold Mandic
Bl. Leopold of Gaiche
St. Leo Satsuma
St. Leo & Paregorius
Bl. Leo Suchiemon
St. Leo Tanaka
St. Leothade
Leo V
Leo VI
St. Leovigild and Christopher
St. Leucius of Alexandria
St. Leucius of Brindisi
St. Leudomer
St. Leus
St. Leutfridus
St. Levan
St. Lewina
St. Lezin
St. Liafdag
St. Libentius
St. Liberalis of Treviso
St. Liberalis
St. Liberata
St. Liberata
Bl. Liberato Weiss
St. Liberatus
St. Liberatus
St. Liberatus and Family
Bl. Liberatus of Lauro
St. Liberatus & Bajulus
St. Liberius of Ravenna
St. Libert
St. Libert
St. Liborius of Le Mans
St. Licerius
St. Licinius
St. Lidanus
St. Liephard
St. Liewellyn & Gwrnerth
St. Ligorius
St. Limbania
St. Linus
St. Lioba
St. Liphardus
St. Liudhard
St. Liutwin
St. Livinus
St. Lleudadd
St. Llibio
St. Loaran
St. Lolanus
St. Loman
St. Lomer
St. Longinus
St. Longinus
St. Longis & Agnofleda
St. Longus
St. Lorenzo Ruiz
Bl. Lorenzo Salvi
St. Lot
St. Lotharius
Bl. Louis Beltran (Bertrand) and Companions
Bl. Louis Baba
Bl. Louis Bertran
St. Louis Bertrand
St. Louis de Montfort
Bl. Louise-Aimee Dean de Luigne
Bl. Louise Bessay de la Voute
St. Louise de Marillac
Bl. Louise Poirier Barre
Bl. Louise Rallier de la Tertiniere Dean de Luigne
Bl. Louise Therese de Montaignac de Chauvance
Bl. Louis Flores
St. Louis Ibachi
St. Louis IX
Bl. Louis Kawara
St. Louis King of France
Bl. Louis Maki
St. Louis Mary Grignion
Bl. Louis Moreau
Bl. Louis Naisen
Bl. Louis Nifaki
St. Louis of Omura
St. Louis of Toulouse
Bl. Louis Sasanda
Bl. Louis Shakichi
Bl. Louis Someyon
Bl. Louis Sotelo
Bl. Louis Tezza
St. Louis von Bruck
St. Louthiem
St. Lua
St. Lucentius
St. Lucerius
St. Luchesio
St. Lucia Kim
St. Lucian
St. Lucian
St. Lucian of Beauvais
St. Lucian of Antioch
St. Lucia Park Huisun
St. Lucidius of Verona
St. Lucidius
St. Lucilla & Companions
St. Lucillian
St. Lucina
Bl. Lucio Martinez Mancebo and Companions
St. Lucius
St. Lucius
St. Lucius
St. Lucius
St. Lucius
St. Lucius
St. Lucius I
Lucius II
Lucius III
St. Lucius of Cyrene
St. Lucretia
St. Lucy
St. Lucy & Geminian
Bl. Lucy
Bl. Lucy Chakichi
Bl. Lucy de Freitas
St. Lucy Filippini
St. Lucy Wang-Tcheng
St. Lucy Wang-Wang-Cheu
St. Ludan
St. Ludger
St. Ludmilla of Bohemia
St. Ludoiph
St. Ludolf of Ratzeburg
St. Ludolph
Bl. Ludovico of Casoria
Bl. Ludovico Pavoni
St. Ludovicus Beaulieu
St. Ludwin
Bl. Luigi Talamoni
Bl. Luigi Orine
Bl. Luigi Quattrocchi
St. Luigi Scrosoppi
Bl. Luigi Variara
St. Luigi Versiglia
Bls. Luis Flores, Pedro de Zuniga, and Companions
Bl. Luis Batiz Sainz
Bl. Lukasz Bojko
St. Luke
Bl. Luke Belludi
Bl. Luke Alonso Gorda
St. Luke Banabakiutu
St. Luke Hwang Soktu
St. Luke Kiemon
St. Luke Kirby
St. Luke Loan
St. Luke the Younger
St. Lull
St. Lupercus
St. Luperius
St. Lupicinus
St. Lupicinus
St. Lupicinus & Felix
St. Lupus
St. Lupus
St. Lupus of Bayeux
St. Lupus of Chalons
St. Lupus of Lyons
St. Lupus of Sens
St. Lupus of Soissons
St. Lupus of Verona
St. Lutgardis
St. Luthfild
St. Luthgard
St. Luxorius
St. Lybe
St. Lycarion
St. Lycarion
St. Lycarion
St. Lycopolis
St. Lydia Purpuraria
St. Lydwine
St. Lythan
St. Lyutis
St. Mabyn
St. Macaille
St. Macanisius
St. Macarius
St. Macarius
St. Macarius and 40 Others
St. Macarius & Julian
St. Macarius of Fayum
St. Macarius the Great of Alexandria
St. Macarius of Jerusalem
St. Macarius the Ghent
St. Macarius the Great
St. Macarius the Wonder-Worker
St. Macartan
St. Maccalin
St. Maccallin
St. Macedonius
St. Macedonius
St. Macedonius
St. Macedonius
St. Machabeo
St. Machai
St. Machan
St. Machar
St. Machudd
St. Macra
St. Macrina the Younger
St. Macrina the Elder
St. Macrina the Younger
St. Macrobius & Julian
St. Macroni of Thoni
St. Madalberta
Bl. Madeleine Blond
St. Madeleine Brideau
Bl. Madeleine Cady
St. Madeleine Lidoine
Bl. Madeleine Perrotin Rousseau
Bl. Madeleine Sailland d'Epinatz
Bl. Madeleine Salle
St. Madelgisilus
St. Madeline Sophie Barat
St. Madern
St. Madoes
St. Maedhog
St. Mael
St. Maelmuire O' Gorman
St. Maelrhys
St. Maelrubius
St. Magalena Ho Kye-im
Bl. Magdalena Caterina Morano
Bl. Magdalena of Nagasaki
St. Magdalene Cho
St. Magdalene Han Yong-i
St. Magdalene Kim Obi
St. Magdalene Pak Pongson
St. Magdalene Son Sobyog
St. Magdalene Tou-Fong-Kiu
St. Magdalene Yi Yongdog
St. Magdalene Yi Yong-hui
St. Magdalevus
St. Magdalveus (Mauve)
St. Magenulf (Meinulf)
St. Maginus
St. Magnericus
St. Magnobodus
St. Magnus
St. Magnus
St. Magnus
St. Magnus
St. Magnus of Avignon
St. Magnus
St. Magnus of Füssen
St. Magorianus
St. Maharsapor
St. Maharsapor
St. Maichus
St. Maiduif
St. Maimbod
St. Maine
St. Majolus of Cluny
St. Major
St. Majoricus
St. Majulus
Bl. Maksym Hawryluk
St. Malachy
St. Malard
St. Malchus
St. Malchus
St. Malentus
St. Malo
St. Malrubius
St. Mamas of Caesarea
St. Mamelta
St. Mamertinus of Auxerre
St. Mamertius
St. Mamilian
St. Mamilian
St. Mammarius
St. Manaen
St. Manakus
St. Mancius
Bl. Mancius Araki
Bl. Mancius of St. Thomas
Bl. Mancius of the Holy Cross
Bl. Mancius Shisisoiemon
St. Manechildis
St. Manettus
St. Manilus
St. Manirus
St. Mansuetus
St. Mansuetus
St. Mansuetus
St. Manuel
Bl. Manuel Gonzalez Garcia
Bl. Manuel Martin Sierra
Bl. Manuel Medina Olmos
St. Manuel Moralez
St. Maolruain
St. Mappalicus
St. Marcella
Bl. Marcantonio Durando
St. Marcarius of Jerusalem
Bl. Marcel Callo
Bl. Marcelina Darowska
St. Marcella
St. Marcellin Champagnat
St. Marcellina
Sts. Marcellinus and Peter
Bl. Marcellis Spinola y Maestre
St. Marcellus
St. Marcian of Tortona
St. Marcian
St. Marcian
St. Marcian
St. Marcian
St. Marcian
St. Marcian
St. Marciana of Mauretania
St. Marciana
St. Marcian of Auxerre
St. Marcian of Ravenna
St. Marcian of Syracuse
St. Marciano Jose
St. Marcius
St. Marculf
St. Marcus
St. Marcus
St. Mardonius
St. Mareas
St. Marko Krizin
St. Margaret of Antioch
St. Margaret Bourgeoys
St. Margaret Fontana
St. Margaret of Antioch
Bl. Margaret of Castello
Bl. Margaret of Citta-di-Castello
St. Margaret Clitherow
St. Margaret of Cortona
Bl. Margaret Ebner
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
St. Margaret of England
St. Margaret of Hungary
Bl. Margaret Pole
St. Margaret of Scotland
St. Margaret the Barefooted
St. Margarita
Bl. Marguerite Bays
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys
St. Marguerite d'Youville
Bl. Marguerite Riviere Huau
Bl. Marguerite Robin
Bl. Maria Candida of the Eucharist
Bl. Maria Christina Brando
Bl. Maria Guadalupe Garcia Zavala
Bl. Maria Ludovica de Angelis
Bl. Maria Repetto
Bl. Maria Teresa Ferragud Roig, and Blesseds Maria Jesus, Maria Veronica, and Maria Felicidad Masia
Bl. Maria Adeodata Pisani
Bl. Maria Alvarado Cordozo
Bl. Maria Ana Mogas Fontcuberta
Bl. Maria Angela Astorch
Bl. Maria Angeles of Saint Joseph
Bl. Maria Anna Sala
Bl. Maria Antonia Bandres
Bl. Maria Bernarda Butler
Bl. Maria Caridad Brader
Bl. Maria Catherine of Saint Augustine
St. Maria Chaira
Bl. Maria Corsini
St. Maria Crescentia Hoss
Bl. Maria Cristina dell'Immacolata Concezione
St. Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa
Bl. Maria Crucified Satellico
St. Maria de Cerevellon
Bl. Maria de Chappotin de Neuville
St. Maria de Jesus Sacramentado Venegas
Bl. Maria del Pilar Izquierdo Albero
St. Maria de Mattias
Bl. Maria Dolores Rodriguez Sopena
Bl. Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini
Bl. Maria Domenica Mantovani
St. Maria Dominic Mazzarello
Bl. Maria Encarnacion Rosal of the Sacred Heart
Bl. Maria Eutimia
St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus
Bl. Maria Francesca Rubatto
Bl. Maria Gabriella Sagheddu
St. Maria Giuseppe Rossello
St. Maria Goretti
St. Mother Maria Guadalupe Garcia Zavala ~ Mother Lupita
Bl. Maria Helena Stollenwerk
St. Maria-Josefa of the Heart of Jesus Sancho de Guerra
St. Maria Josefa Sancho de Guerra
Bl. Maria Karlowska
Bl. Maria Liberata Pallota
St. Maria Magdalen Dei Pazzi
St. Maria Magdalen of Canossa
St. Maria Maravillas de Jesus
Bl. Maria Margaret Caiani
Bl. Maria Mercedes Prat
St. Maria Michaela Desmaisieres
Bl. Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan
St. Marian
St. Mariana
St. Mariana de Paredes
St. Marianne Cope
Bl. Mariano da Roccacasale
Bl. Mariano de Jesus Euse Hoyos
St. Marianus
St. Marianus
Bl. Maria of Jesus Siedliska
St. Maria Park K'unagi
Bl. Maria Pilar Martinez Garcia & Companions
Bl. Maria Raffaella Cimatti
Bl. Maria Rafols
Bl. Maria Restituta
Bl. Maria Romero Meneses
St. Maria Rosa Molas y Vollve
St. Maria Salles
Bl. Maria Schinina
St. Maria Soledad
Bl. Maria Teresa Fasce
Bl. Maria Vicenta of Saint Dorothy Chaavez Orozco
St. Maria Won Kwi-im
St. Maria Yi Indog
St. Maria Yi Yonhui
Bl. Marie Rivier
St. Marie Adolphine Dierks
St. Marie Amandine
Bl. Marie-Anne Blondin
Bl. Marie-Anne Hacher du Bois
Bl. Marie-Anne Vaillot
Bl. Marie Cassin
St. Marie Claude Brard
St. Marie Croissy
Bl. Marie de la Dive du Verdier
St. Marie Dufour
Bl. Marie Fasseuse
Bl. Marie Forestier
Bl. Marie Gallard Queson
Bl. Marie Gasnier Mercier
Bl. Marie-Genevieve Poulain de la Forestrie
Bl. Marie Gingueneau Couffard
Bl. Marie Grillard
Bl. Marie Guyart of the Incarnation
St. Marie Hanisset
Bl. Marie-Jeanne Chauvigne Rorteau
Bl. Marie Lardeux
Bl. Marie Lenee Lepage Varance
Bl. Marie Leonie Paradis
Bl. Marie Leroy Brevet
Bl. Marie-Louise du Verdier de la Soriniere
Bl. Marie-Louise Trichet
St. Marie Magdalen Desjardin
St. Marie Magdalen Fontaine
St. Marie Magdalen Postel
St. Marie Meunier
St. Marie of Saint Ignatius
Bl. Marie of the Incarnation
Bl. Marie Pichery Delahaye
Bl. Marie Piou Supiot
Bl. Marie Poussepin
Bl. Marie Rochard
Bl. Marie Roger Chartier
Bl. Marie Rose Durocher
Bl. Marie Roualt Bouju
St. Marie St. Henry
St. Marie Teresa Couderc
Bl. Marie Therese Haze
St. Marie Trezelle
St. Marina
St. Marina
Bl. Marina de Omura
St. Marinus
Sts. Marinus and Astyrius
St. Marinus
St. Marinus
St. Marinus
St. Marinus
St. Marinus
St. Marinus & Asterius
St. Marinus, Vimius, & Zimius
St. Marius
St. Marius (May)
St. Mark
St. Mark
St. Mark Chong Ui-bae
Bl. Mark Fantucci
Bl. Mark of Modena
St. Mark 2
St. Mark
St. Mark
St. Mark
St. Mark
St. Mark
St. Mark & Marcellian
St. Mark & Stephen
St. Mark & Timothy
Bl. Mark Barkworth
Bl. Mark Caldeira
Bl. Mark Criado
St. Mark the Faster
St. Mark Ki-T'Ien-Siang
Bl. Mark of Aviano
St. Mark of Galilee
St. Mark of Lucera
Pope St. Mark
St. Marnock
St. Maro
St. Maro
St. Maroveus
St. Martha
St. Martha
St. Martha
St. Martha Kim
St. Martha Wang
Bl. Martha Le Bouteiller
Bl. Marthe Poulain de la Forestrie
St. Martial
St. Martial
St. Martial
Pope Saint Martin I
St. Martina
St. Martina of Rome
Bl. Martin
St. Martin Cid
St. Martin de Aguirre
St. Martin de Hinojosa
St. Martin de Porres
Bl. Martin Gomez
St. Martin I
St. Martinian
St. Martinian
St. Martinian
Martin IV
St. Martin Loynaz of the Ascension
St. Martin Luke Huin
St. Martin Manuel
St. Martin of Arades
St. Martin of Braga
St. Martin of Leon
Bl. Martin of Saint Nicholas
St. Martin of Tongres
St. Martin of Vertou
St. Martin of Vienne
St. Martin Ou
St. Martin Tho
St. Martin Tinh
St. Martin of Tours
St. Martius
Martyrium Polycarpi
St. Martyrius
St. Martyrius & Marcian
Martyrologium Carthaginiense
Martyrology of Tallaght
109 Martyrs (64 from French Revolution - Martyrs of La Rochelle - and 45 from Spanish Civil War), (O
85 Martyrs of England and Wales
Martyrs of Alexandria
Martyrs of Amorion
Martyrs of the Serapeum
Martyrs Under the Lombards
Martyrs of the Carthusian Order
Martyrs of Thailand
Martyrs of the Dominican Order in Vietnam
Martyrs of Africa
Martyrs of Alexandria
Martyrs of Antioch
Martyrs of Arabia
Martyrs of Ararat
Martyrs of Armenia
Martyrs of Bulgaria
Martyrs of Campania
Martyrs of Cappadocia
Martyrs of Cardena
Martyrs of Chalcedon
Martyrs of China
Martyrs of Constantinople
Martyrs of Corfu
Martyrs of Crete
Martyrs of Croyland
Martyrs of Damascus
Martyrs of Douai
Martyrs of Ebsdorf
Martyrs of Egypt
Martyrs of England
Forty Martyrs of England & Wales
Martyrs of Ephesus
Martyrs of Gorkum
Martyrs of Japan
Martyrs of Korea
St. Martyrs of Kosice
Martyrs of Laval
Martyrs of Lesbos
Martyrs of London
Martyrs of Lyons
Martyrs of Mesopotamia
Martyrs of Mount Sinai
Martyrs of Nagran
Martyrs of Nicomedia
Bl. Martyrs of Nowogrodek
Martyrs of Orange
Martyrs of Palestine
Martyrs of Pannonia
Martyrs of Paraguay
Martyrs of Persia
Bl. Martyrs of Podlasie
Martyrs of Raithu
Martyrs of Rome
First Martyrs of Rome
Martyrs of Samosata
Martyrs of Saragossa
Martyrs of Scillitan
Martyrs of September
Martyrs of Sirmium
Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War
Martyrs of Syria
Martyrs of Tarsus
Martyrs of the Abrahamites
Bl. Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War
Martyrs of Thrace
Martyrs of Toulouse
Martyrs of Trier
Martyrs of Tyre
Martyrs of Uganda
Martyrs of Valeria
Martyrs of Vietnam
Martyrs of the Theban Legion
Martyrs of Tlaxcala
St. Maruthas
St. Mary Salome
Bl. Mary Bartholomea Bagnesi
Bl. Mary Angela Truszkowska
Bl. Mary Tokuan & Mary Choun
St. Mary Clopas
St. Mary Di Rosa
St. Mary of Egypt
Bl. Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad
St. Mary Fan-K'Ounn
St. Mary Fou
Bl. Mary Frances Schervier
Bl. Mary Guengoro
St. Mary Hermina Grivot
St. Mary MacKillop
St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi
Bl. Mary Magdalen Kiota
St. Mary Magdalen Postel
St. Mary Magdalene
St. Mary Nan-Kouo-Cheu
Bl. Frances Siedliska
St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop
St. Mary Salome
Bl. Mary Tanaura
St. Mary Tchao
St. Mary Tchao-Kouo-Cheu
St. Mary Tcheng-Su
St. Mary Tchou-Ou-Cheu
St. Mary the Consoler
Bl. Mary Theresa Scherer
St. Mary the Slave
Bl. Mary Tokuan & Mary Choun
St. Mary Tou-Tchao-Cheu
St. Mary Ts'I-U
Mary the Blessed Virgin
St. Mary Wang-Li-Cheu
St. Mary Yi Yon-hui
St. Massa Candida
St. Mateo Correa Magallanes
St. Mateo Correa
Bl. Mateo Kohioe a Rosario
St. Materiana
St. Maternus of Milan
St. Maternus of Cologne
St. Mathias Mulumba
St. Mathilda
St. Mathurin
St. Matilda
St. Matrona
St. Matronian
St. Matthew
Bl. Matthew Flathers
St. Matthew Alonso Leziniana
St. Matthew Alonso Leziniana
Bl. Matthew Alvarez
Bl. Matthew de Eskandely
St. Matthew Fun-Te
Bl. Matthew Gam
St. Matthew Gam Van Le
St. Matthew of Beauvais
St. Matthew Phuong
St. Matthias
St. Matthias of Jerusalem
Bl. Matthias Araki
Bl. Matthias Kosaka & Matthias Nakano
St. Matthias Murumba
Bl. Matthias of Arima
St. Matthias of Meako
Venerable Matt Talbot
St. Maughold
St. Maura
St. Maura
St. Maura & Britta
St. Maura Troyes
St. Maurice
St. Maurice of Carnoet
Bl. Maurice Tornay
St. Maurilius
St. Maurilius
St. Maurilius
St. Maurinus
St. Maurontus
St. Maurontus
St. Maurontus
St. Maurus
St. Maurus II
St. Maurus
St. Maurus
St. Maurus
St. Maurus
St. Maurus
St. Maurus & Companions
Bl. Maurus Scott
St. Mavilus
St. Mawes
St. Maxellendis
St. Maxentia of Beauvais
St. Maxentiolus
St. Maxentius
St. Maxentius
St. Maxima
St. Maxima
St. Maxima of Rome
St. Maximaian
St. Maximian
St. Maximian of Constantinople
St. Maximian of Ravenna
St. Maximian of Syracuse
St. Maximilian
St. Maximilian
St. Maximilian Kolbe
St. Maximilian of Lorch
St. Maximinus
St. Maximinus of Aix
St. Maximinus of Trier
St. Maximus of Rome
Sts. Maximus and Olympias
St. Maximus of Naples
St. Maximus
St. Maximus of Pavia
St. Maximus
St. Maximus
St. Maximus
St. Maximus
St. Maximus
St. Maximus
St. Maximus
St. Maximus
St. Maximus
St. Maximus & Olympiades
St. Maximus & Victorinus
St. Maximus of Aquila
St. Maximus of Jerusalem
St. Maximus of Nola
St. Maximus of Padua
St. Maximus of Reiz
St. Maximus of Turin
St. Maximus the Confessor
St. Mbaga Tuzinde
St. Mechtildis
St. Mechtildis of Helfta
St. Medana
St. Medard
St. Medericus
St. Medrald
St. Medran & Odran
St. Megingaud
St. Meingold of Huy
St. Meinrad
St. Meinuph
St. Mel
St. Melan
St. Melangell
St. Melania
St. Melania the Elder
St. Melanie
St. Melanius
St. Melas
St. Melas
St. Melas
St. Melasippus
Bl. Melchior of Saint Augustine
St. Melchoir Garcia Sampedro
St. Meldon
St. Meletius
St. Meletius
St. Meletius
St. Meletius of Antioch
St. Melitina
St. Melito of Sardis
St. Melito of Sardis
St. Mella
St. Mellitus of Canterbury
St. Mellon
St. Melorius
St. Memmius
St. Memorius
St. Menas
St. Menefrida
St. Menehould
St. Meneleus
St. Meneus & Capito
St. Menignus
St. Menna
St. Mennas
St. Mennas
St. Menodora
St. Menas
St. Menulphus
Bl. Mercedes Maria of Jesus
St. Mercurialis of Forli
St. Mercurius
St. Mercurius
St. Merewenna
St. Merewenna
St. Meriadoc
St. Merililaun
St. Merinus
St. Merinus
St. Merryn
St. Mesrop
St. Messalina
Sts. Cyril and Methodius
St. Methodius I
St. Methodius of Olympus
Bl. Dominik Trcka
St. Metranus
St. Metrophanes of Byzantium
St. Meugant
St. Meuris & Thea
St. Mewrog
Bl. Michael Giedroyc
St. Michael the Confessor
St. Michael the Archangel
St. Michael Febres Cordero
St. Michael de Sanctis
Bl. Michael Diaz
Bl. Michael Fimonaya
St. Michael Garicoits
Bl. Michael Ghebre
St. Michael Ho-Dinh-Hy
Bl. Michael Jamada
Bl. Michael Kinoshi
Bl. Michael Kiraiemon
St. Michael Kozaki
St. Michael My
Bl. Michael Nakashima
St. Michael of Synnada
St. Michael of the Saints
Bl. Michael Shumpo
Bl. Michael Takeshita
Bl. Michael Tomaki
Bl. Michael Tozo
Bl. Michael Ulumbijski
Bl. Michael Yamiki
Bl. Michal Kozal
Bl. Michal Wawryszuk
Bl. Michele Pio Fasoli
St. Midan
St. Migdonius & Mardonius
Bl. Miguel de Aozaraza
Bl. Miguel de la Mora
St. Miguel Febres Cordero
Bl. Miguel Kurobioye
Bl. Miguel Pro
St. Milburga
St. Mildgytha
St. Mildred
St. Mildred
Bl. Miles Gerard
St. Milles
St. Miltiades
St. Minervius
St. Minias of Florence
St. Minnborinus of Cologne
Bl. Miriam Teresa Demjanovich
St. Mirocles
St. Mitrius
St. Mochelloc
St. Mochoemoc
St. Mochoemoc
St. Mochta
St. Modan
St. Modanic
St. Moderan
St. Modesta
St. Modest Andlauer
Bl. Modestino of Jesus and Mary
St. Modestus
St. Modestus
St. Modestus
St. Modestus & Ammonius
St. Modestus & Julian
St. Modoaldus
St. Modomnoc
St. Modwenna
St. Moelray
St. Molagga
St. Moling
St. Moloc
St. Molonachus
St. Monaldus of Ancona
St. Monan
St. Monas
St. Monegundis
St. Monennaa
St. Monessa
St. Monica
Bl. Monica Naisen
Bl. Monique Pichery
St. Monitor
St. Monnas
St. Monon
St. Montanus
St. Montanus
St. Montanus
St. Montanus & Maxima
St. Morand
St. Moroc
St. Mother Theodore Guerin
St. Morwenna
St. Moses
St. Moses
St. Moses
St. Moses
St. Moses of Balkim
St. Moses the Black
St. Moses the Ethopian
St. Moses of Psammanius
St. Moseus & Ammonius
Bl. Mother Maria of Jesus Deluil-Martiny
St. Movean
St. Mucius
St. Mucus
St. Mugagga
St. Muirchu
St. Mukasa Kiriwawanyu
St. Multius
St. Mummolinus
St. Mummolus
St. Mummolus
St. Mun
St. Munchin
St. Mundus
St. Mura McFeredach
St. Murrita
St. Murtagh
St. Musa of Rome
St. Mutien-Marie Wiaux
Bl. Mykola Charnetsky
St. Myron
St. Myron
St. Myrope
St. Nabor and Felix
St. Naffanianus
St. Nakjos
St. Namadia
St. Namasius
St. Namatius
St. Namphanion
St. Namphasius
St. Narcisa De Jesus Martillo Moran
Bl. Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran
St. Narcissus
St. Narcissus
St. Narcissus and Crescentio
St. Narcissus and Felix
St. Narnus
St. Narses
St. Narzalea
St. Nasseus
St. Natalia of Nicomedia
Sts. Natalie & Aurelius
St. Natalis
St. Natalis
St. Natalis
Bl. Natalis Pinot
Bl. Nathalan
St. Nathanael
St. Nathaniel of Nitria
St. Nathy
Bl. Nazaria Ignacia March Mesa
St. Nazarius
St. Nazarius and Celsus
St. Neachtian
St. Nebridius
St. Nectan of Hartland
St. Nectarius
St. Nectarius
St. Nectarius
Bl. Nemesia Valle
St. Nemesian, Felix, and Companions
St. Nemesius
St. Nemesius
St. Nemesius
St. Nemesius of Alexandria
St. Nemesius and Lucilla
St. Nennius
St. Nennoc
St. Nennus
St. Neophytus
St. Neopolus
St. Neopulus (Neopolis)
St. Neot
St. Nepotian
St. Nepotian
Sts. Nereus & Achilleus
St. Nereus
St. Nereus and Achilleus
St. Nerses
St. Nerses (Narses) and Joseph
St. Nerses Glaietsi
St. Nerses Lambronazi
St. Nerses the Great
St. Nestor of Magydos
St. Nestor
St. Nestor
St. Nestor
St. Nicaeas and Paul
St. Nicander
Sts. Nicander and Hermas
St. Nicander and Hermas
St. Nicander and Marcian
St. Nicander of Kemet
St. Nicanor
St. Nicarete
St. Nicasius of Reims
St. Nicasius Jonson
Bl. Niceforo of Jesus and Mary
St. Nicephorus
St. Nicephorus
St. Nicephorus, Presbyter, at Tiberiopolis
St. Nicephorus
Bl. Niceta Plaja Xifra de San Prudencia and Companions
St. Niceta and Aquilina
St. Nicetas
St. Nicetas of Remesiana
St. Nicetas
St. Nicetas
St. Nicetas
St. Nicetas
St. Nicetas of Pereaslav
St. Nicetas of Remesiana
St. Nicetius
St. Nicetius of Trier
St. Nicetius
St. Nicetius of Lyons
St. Nicetius of Besancon
St. Nicholas
Bls. Nicholas and Anne Giustiniani
Bl. Nicholas Bunkerd Kitbamrung
Bl. Nicholas Fortiguera
Bl. Nicholas Puglia
St. Nicholas, Alexandra, and Companions
Bl. Nicholas Charnetsky
St. Nicholas Chrysoberges
Bl. Nicholas Dinnis
St. Nicholas Factor
St. Nicholas I
Nicholas II
Nicholas III
Nicholas IV
Bl. Mykola Konrad
St. Nicholas Owen
St. Nicholas Peregrinus
St. Nicholas Pieck
St. Nicholas Poppel
St. Nicholas Studites
St. Nicholas Tavigli
St. Nicholas The Duc Bui
St. Nicholas the Mystic
St. Nicholas of Tolentino
Bl. Mykola Tsehelskyi
St. Nicholas V
St. Nicholas of Flue
St. Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain
Bl. Nicola of Gesturi
Bl. Nicolas Barre
Bl. Nicolas Roland
St. Nicomedes
St. Nicon
St. Nicon the Metanoeite
St. Nicoforus
St. Nicostratus, Antiochus, and Companions
Bl. Nicolas Steno
Bl. Nikolaus Gross
St. Nilammon
St. Nilammon
St. Nilaras
St. Nilon
St. Nilus the Elder
St. Nilus the Younger
St. Nimatullah al-Hardini
St. Nina
Bl. Martyrs of Astoria during Spanish Civil War
St. Ninian
St. Nino
St. Nissen
St. Nithard
St. Nivard
St. Neol
St. Neol Chabanel
Bl. Noel Pinot
St. Noe Mawaggali
St. Non
St. Nonnus
St. Nonossus
St. Norbert
St. Nostrianus
St. Notburga
St. Notburga
St. Notburga
St. Nothlem
St. Nouna
St. Novatus
St. Noyala
St. Numerian
St. Numidicus
St. Nunctus
St. Nun who feigne
St. Obdulia
St. Obitius
St. Oceanus
St. Octavian
St. Octavious
St. Octavius, Solutor, and Adventor
St. Oda
St. Odhran of Iona
St. Odilia
Bl. Odilia Baumgarten
St. Odilo
St. Odilo of Cluny
St. Odo
St. Odo
St. Odo of Beauvais
St. Odo of Urgell
Bl. Odoric of Pordenone
St. Odo the Good
St. Odran
St. Odrian
St. Odulf
St. Oduvald
St. Oeconomus
St. Offa
St. Jón Ögmundsson
St. Olaf
St. Olaf of Norway
St. Olaf of Sweden
Bl. Oleksa Zaryckyj
St. Olga
Bl. Olha Bida
St. Oliva
Bl. Olive
St. Oliver
St. Oliver Plunkett
Bl. Olivia
St. Ollegarius
St. Olympiades
St. Olympias
St. Olympius
St. Olympius
St. Omer
St. Oncho
St. Onesimus
St. Onesimus
St. Onesiphorus
St. Onouphrius
Bl. Onufry Wasyluk
St. Opportuna
St. Optatian
St. Optatus of Milevis
St. Or
St. Ordonius
St. Orentius
St. Orentius
St. Orentius and Patientia
St. Orestes
St. Orestes
St. Oriculus and Companions
St. Orion
St. Orion
St. Ormond
St. Orsisius
St. Orsisius
Bl. Osanna of Cattaro
St. Osburga
St. Osmanna
St. Osmanna
St. Osmund of Salisbury
St. Ostianus
St. Oswald
St. Osyth
St. Othmar
St. Otranto Martyrs ~ Antonio Primaldo
St. Odran of Iona
Bl. Otto Neururer
St. Otto of Bamberg
St. Oudaceus
St. Ouen
St. Owen
St. Pabiali
St. Pabo
St. Pachomius
St. Pachomius
St. Pachomius
St. Pachomius (Bidjimi)
St. Pachomius the Younger
St. Pacian
Bl. Pacificus of Cerano
St. Padarn (Paternus)
St. Padre Pio
St. Paduinus
St. Paesis (Pausis)
St. Paganus
St. Paisi (Amba Isa)
St. Paisis
St. Paisius and Isaias
St. Paisius the Great
St. Palaemon
St. Palaemon
St. Palatianus
St. Palatias and Laurentia
St. Paldo, Tato, and Taso
St. Paliconus
St. Palladius
St. Palladius
St. Palladius
St. Palladius
St. Palladius
St. Palladius
St. Pallamon of Kemet
St. Palmatius
St. Palmus
St. Palus
St. Pambo
St. Pambo (Panbis)
St. Pamin (Poemen)
St. Pammachius
St. Pamphalon
St. Pamphamer
St. Pamphilus
St. Pamphilus
St. Pamphilus
St. Pamphilus
St. Panacea
St. Panaenus
St. Panbis (Pambo)
St. Pancharius
St. Pancharius
St. Pancras
St. Pancratius, martyred
St. Pandwyna
St. Panekyris (Banikarus)
St. Panemotis
St. Panephysis
St. Pannus
St. Panopus
St. Pantherus
St. Pansius
St. Pansophius of Alexandria
St. Pantaenus
St. Pantagathus
St. Pantaleon
St. Pantaleon
St. Pantalus
St. Pantius
St. Panubrius
St. Paola Jeuris
Bl. Paolo Manna
St. Papa and Mama
St. Papas
St. Paphnutius
St. Paphnutius
St. Paphnutius
St. Paphnutius, the Buffalo
St. Paphnutius
St. Paphnutius
St. Paphnutius
St. Paphnutius and 546 companions
St. Paphnutius of Bendura
St. Paphoutius
St. Papia (Papias),
St. Papianus
St. Papias of Hierapolis
St. Papias
St. Papias and Maurinus
St. Papinianus
St. Papinianus and Mansuelus
St. Papinianus
St. Papocinicus
St. Papulus
St. Paramon and Companions
St. Pardulphus
St. Parens
St. Paris
St. Parisius
St. Parmenas
St. Parmenius (Parmenas)
St. Parmenius, Chrysoteins, and Helimenas
St. Paschal
St. Paschal Baylon
St. Paschal I
Paschal II
St. Pascharius
St. Pascharius
St. Paschasia
St. Paschasius
St. Paschasius
St. Paschasius Radbertus
St. Pastor
St. Pastor
St. Pastor
St. Pastor
St. Patamon
St. Patapios Of Thebes
St. Patapius
St. Patapius
St. Paterius
St. Patermuthius
St. Patermuthius
St. Patermuthius
St. Patermuthius (Petarpemotis)
St. Paternian
St. Paternian
St. Paternus
St. Paternus
St. Paternus
St. Paternus
St. Paternus
St. Paternus
St. Paternus
St. Patiens
St. Patiens
St. Patricain
St. Patricia
St. Patricia
St. Patrick
St. Patrick of Malaga
St. Patrick of Bayeux
St. Patrick of Prusa
Bl. Patrick Salmon
St. Patrick Tun
St. Patroclus
St. Patroclus
St. Patto
St. Paul
St. Paul and Companions
St. Paul Loc Van Le
St. Paul the Simple
St. Paula
St. Paula
St. Paula
St. Paula Frasinetti
St. Paula Montal Fornes
St. Paul and Companions
St. Paul and Cyriacus
St. Paul and Juliana
St. Paul and Ninety Companions
St. Paul and Tatta
St. Paul Aurelian
St. Paul Aybara
St. Paul Chen
St. Paul Chong Hasang
St. Paul of the Cross
St. Paul Denn
Bl. Paul Fimonaya
St. Paul, Gerontius and Companions
St. Paul Hanh
St. Paulhen
St. Paul, Heraclius, and Companions
St. Paul Ho
St. Paul Hong Yongju
St. Paul I
Paul II
St. Paulillus
St. Paulina
Bl. Pauline von Mallinckrodt
St. Paulinus of Aquileia
St. Paulinus of Aquileia
St. Paulinus of Antioch
St. Paulinus of Aquileia
St. Paulinus of Brescia
St. Paulinus of Capua
St. Paulinus of Nola
St. Paulinus of Sinigaglia
St. Paulinus of Trier
St. Paulinus of York
St. Paul Keue-T'Ing-Tchou
St. Paul Khoan Khan Pham
St. Paul Lang-Eull
Bl. Paul Lieou
St. Paul Liou-Tsinn-Tei
St. Paul Loc
St. Paul Lucius, and Cyriacus
St. Paul Miki
St. Paul My
Bl. Paul Navarro
St. Paul Ngan
St. Paul of Constantinople
St. Paul of Cyprus
St. Paul of Gaza
St. Paul of Latros
St. Paul of Narbonne
St. Paul of Prusa
St. Paul of St. Zoilus
St. Paul of Trois Chateaux
St. Paul of Verdun
St. Paul Ou-Kiu-Nan
St. Paul Ou-Wan-Chou
St. Paul I, Pope
Bl. Paul Sanchiki
Bl. Paul Shinsuki
Bl. Paul Tanaka
Bl. Paul Tcheng
St. Paul the Hermit
St. Paul the Simple
St. Paul Tinh
Bl. Paul Tomaki
St. Paul Tong Buong
St. Paulus
St. Paulus, Deacon
St. Pausirius
Bl. Pavel Djidjov
Bl. Pavol Peter Gojdi?
St. Anthony Pavoni
St. Pedjol
Bl. Pedro de Alcantara Villanueva Larrayoz
Bls. Pedro Ruiz de los Panos y Angel and Jose Sala Pico
St. Pedro Calungsod
St. Pedro de San Jose Betancur
St. Pedro Poveda Castroverde
St. Pega
St. Pelagia
St. Pelagia
St. Pelagia of Antioch
St. Pelagia of Tarsus
St. Pelagius
St. Pelagius of Constance
St. Pelagius of Cordova
St. Pelagius, Arsenius, and Sylvanus
Pelagius I
Pelagius II
St. Pelagius of Laodicea
St. Pelesius
St. Peleus
St. Peleusius
St. Peleusius (Peleus)
St. Pelianus
St. Pelinus
St. Pellammon
St. Pelusius
St. Pens
Bl. Pepin of Landen
Bl. Pere Tarres I Claret
St. Peregrin
St. Peregrine Laziosi
St. Peregrinus of Terni
St. Peregrinus
St. Peregrinus of Auxerre
St. Peregrinus
St. Peregrinus
St. Peregrinus, Maceratus, and Viventius
St. Perfectus
St. Pergentinus and Laurentinus
St. Peroys
St. Perpetua
St. Perpetua Hong Kumju
St. Perpetuus
Bl. Perrine Androuin
Bl. Perrine Besson
Bl. Perrine Bourigault
Bl. Perrine Grille
Bl. Perrine-Jeanne Sailland d'Epinatz
Bl. Perrine Laurent
Bl. Perrine Ledoyen
Bl. Perrine Phelyppeaux Sailland
Bl. Perrine-Renee Potier Turpault
St. Perseveranda
St. Peter
St. Peter
St. Peter
Bls. Peter and Susanna Araki Chobyoye
St. Peter Ch'oe Hyong
St. Peter of Saint Joseph Betancur
Sts. Peter Hong Pyong-ju and Paul Hong Yong-ju
Bl. Peter Igneus
St. Peter of Canterbury
Bl. Peter of Pisa
Bl. Peter of Tiferno
St. Peter of Trevi
St. Peter Orseolo
Bls. Peter Snow and Ralph Grimston
St. Peter the Tax Collector
Sts. Peter Tu Van Nguyen and Jose Canh Luong Hoang
Bl. Peter Vigne
St. Peter Yi Ho-Yong
St. Peter
St. Peter
St. Peter
St. Peter
St. Peter of Alcantara
St. Peter and Hermogenes
Bl. Peter Araki Kobjoje
St. Peter Arbues
Bl. Peter Armengol
St. Peter Aumaitre
St. Peter Baptist
Bl. Peter Berna
St. Peter Canisius
St. Peter in Chains
St. Peter Chanel
St. Peter Ch'oe Ch'ang-hub
St. Peter Cho Kwaso
St. Peter Chong Wonji
St. Peter Chrysologus
St. Peter Claver
St. Peter Damian
Bl. Peter de Duenas
Bl. Peter de la Cadireta
St. Peter Domoulin Bori, Peter Khoa, and Vincent Diem
Bl. Peter Donders
St. Peter Duong
St. Peter Fourier
St. Peter Francis Neron
Bl. Peter Friedhofen
Bl. Peter Gonzales
St. Peter Gonzalez
St. Peter Henricus Dorie
St. Peter Hieu
St. Peter Igneus
Bl. Peter Ikiemon
St. Peter, Julian, and Companions
St. Peter Julian Eymard
St. Peter Khanh
Bl. Peter Kufioji
St. Peter Kwon Tugin
Bl. Peter Lieou
St. Peter Liou-Tzeu-U
St. Peter Li-Ts'Uan
St. Peter Martinez
St. Peter Maubant
St. Peter Nam Kyongmun
Bl. Peter Nangashi
St. Peter Nolasco
St. Peter of Alexandria
St. Peter of Anagni
St. Peter of Asche
Bl. Peter of Avila
St. Peter of Rates
St. Peter of Canterbury
Bl. Peter of Castelnau
St. Peter of Chavanon
St. Peter of Damascus
St. Peter of Juilly
St. Peter of Luxembourg
St. Peter of Mount Athos
St. Peter of Nicomedia
St. Peter of Osma
St. Peter of Pappacarbone
St. Peter of Pavia
St. Peter of Perugia
Bl. Peter of Poitiers
Bl. Peter of Seville
St. Peter of Tarantaise
Bl. Peter of the Assumption
Bl. Peter of the Holy Mother of God
St. Peter of Trevi
Bl. Peter Onizuko
Bl. Peter Ou
St. Peter Pareuzi
St. Peter Pascual
St. Peter the Patriarch
St. Peter Paul of St. Claire
St. Peter Quy
St. Peter Regulatus
St. Peter Rene Roque
Bl. Peter Rinshei
St. Peter Rodriguez and Companions
St. Peter Ryau
Bl. Peter Sampo
Bl. Peter Sanga
Bl. Peter Sanz
St. Peter of Sebaste
St. Peter, Severus and Leucius
St. Peter Shukeshiko
St. Peter the Slave
St. Peter Son Sonji
St. Peter Tchang-Pan-Nieu
St. Peter Tchao-Ming
St. Peter Tchou-Jeu-Sinn
Bl. Peter Tecelano
St. Peter the Deacon
Bl. Peter the Hermit
St. Peter the Scribe
St. Peter the Spaniard
Bl. Peter the Venerable
St. Peter Thi
St. Peter Thomas
Bl. Peter To Rot
St. Peter Truat
St. Peter Tu
St. Peter Tu
St. Peter Tuan
St. Peter Tuy
St. Peter Tuy Le
St. Peter U-Ngan-Pan
St. Peter Urseolus
St. Peter Van
Bl. Peter Vasquez
Bl. Peter Verhun
St. Peter of Verona
St. Peter Wang-OI-Man
St. Peter Wang-Tsouo Long
Bl. Peter Wright
St. Peter Yi Myongs
St. Peter Y Taech'ol
St. Peter Yu Chongyul
Bl. Peter Zuniga
St. Pethacus
St. Petivus
Bl. Petra of Saint Joseph Perez Florida
St. Petroc
St. Petronax
Bl. Petronax
St. Petronilla
St. Petronius
St. Petronius
St. Petronius
St. Petronius
St. Petrus
St. Petrus
St. Phaebadius
St. Phanas
St. Phanuel
St. Phanurius
St. Pharaildis
St. Pharmuthius
St. Phaulios (Paul) of Tamawi
St. Phelim
St. Philappianus
St. Philaster
St. Phileas
St. Phileas
St. Philemon
St. Philemon
St. Philemon the actor
St. Philemon
St. Philemon of Alexandria
St. Philemon and Domninus
St. Philetus
St. Philibert
St. Philip
St. Philip
St. Philip
St. Philip
St. Philip
St. Philip Benizi
St. Philip the Deacon
Sts. Philip Evans & John Lloyd, Martyrs
St. Philip Howard
St. Philip Minh
St. Philip Minh Van Doan
St. Philip Neri
St. Philip of Agirone
St. Philip of Gortyna
St. Philip of Heraclea
St. Philip of Jesus
St. Philip of Vienne
St. Philip of Zell
Bl. Philip Powell
Bl. Philip Rinaldi
St. Philip Tchang
St. Philo
St. Philo and Agathopodes
St. Philocalus
St. Philogonius
St. Philologus and Patrobas
St. Philomena
St. Philomena of San Severino
St. Philomenus
St. Philomus
St. Philoromus
St. Philoromus
St. Philosophus (Nicetas)
St. Philoterus
St. Philotheus of Pemdje
St. Phisocius
St. Phocas
St. Phocas
St. Phocas the Gardener
St. Phocas, (Anba Phocas)
St. Phocas of Sinope
St. Phocas of Antioch
St. Phocas the Gardener
St. Phoebammon
St. Phoebe
St. Photina
St. Photius
St. Photnia
St. Pia
St. Piamon (Piama)
St. Piaton
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
Bl. Pierino Morosini
St. Pierius
St. Pierius
St. Pierius
St. Pierre-Francois Neron
Bl. Pierre Bonhomme
Bl. Pierre Delepine
Bl. Pierre-Francois Jamet
Bl. Pierre Fremond
Bl. Pierre Tessier
Bl. Pietro Bonilli
Bl. Pietro Casini
Bl. Piety of The Cross
St. Pigmenius
St. Pimponia
Bl. Pina Suriano
St. Pinnarius
St. Pinnatus
St. Pinnock
St. Pinutus(Pinnutius)
St. Pinytus
Bl. Pio Campidelli
St. Pion
St. Pionius
St. Pior
St. Pior
St. Pipenon and Companions of 22
St. Piperio
St. Piran
St. Pirmin
St. Piru
St. Pisimius
St. Pistaurus
St. Pistus
St. Pisura
St. Piteroum Savants
St. Pitigon
St. Pitirim (Pityrun, Pithyrion)
St. Pius I
Pius II
Bl. Pius IX
St. Pius V, Pope
St. Pius X
St. Placid
St. Placid
St. Placide Viel
St. Placidia
St. Plais
St. Plato
St. Plato
St. Plato
St. Platonides
St. Plausus
St. Plautilla
St. Plebrius
St. Plechelm
St. Plegmund
St. Plenes
St. Plenus
St. Plesius
St. Plutarch
St. Plutarch
St. Podius
St. Poemen
St. Poemen (Pamin)
St. Poemen (Pimen) the Great
St. Poemon
St. Poleus
108 Polish Martyrs
St. Pollio
St. Polybius
St. Polycarp
St. Polycarp
St. Polycarp and Theodore
St. Polycarp of Alexandria
St. Polycarp of Smyrna
St. Polycarpus
St. Polychronius
St. Polychronius
St. Polydore Plasden
St. Polyeuctus
St. Polyeuctus, Victorius and Donatus
St. Pompeius of Pavia
St. Pompeius Maria Pirotti
St. Pompinus
St. Pomponia
St. Pomponius of Naples
St. Pomposa
St. Pontian
St. Pontian
St. Pontian Ngondwe
St. Pontian Pope
St. Pontianus
St. Pontius of Carthage
St. Pontius of Carthage
St. Pontius of Cimella
St. Agapitus
St. Pope John I
St. Pope Victor I
St. Poppo
St. Porcarius
St. Porphyrius
St. Porphyrius
St. Porphyrius the General
St. Porphyrius
St. Porphyrius
St. Porphyrius and Seleucus
St. Porphyry of Gaza
St. Portianus
St. Portus
St. Possessor
St. Possidius
St. Possidonius, the Theban
St. Possidus, Possidonius
St. Postumia (Postiniana)
St. Potamioena, the Younger
St. Potamioena the Elder
St. Potamioene the Younger
St. Potamion
St. Potamion (Potamon)
St. Potamius and Nemesius
St. Potamon
St. Potamon
St. Pothinus
St. Potianus
St. Potitus
St. Praejectus
St. Praesens
St. Praesidius
St. Praetextatus
St. Praetextatus (Prix)
St. Pragmatius
St. Prais
St. Praxedes
Prayer to St. Francis of Assisi
St. Prima
St. Prima
St. Primael
St. Primasius
St. Primatius
St. Primianus
St. Primigenus
St. Primitiva
St. Primitivus
St. Primulus
St. Primus
St. Primus
St. Primus
Sts. Primus and Felician
St. Primus and Donatus
St. Primus and Felician
St. Principia
St. Principius
St. Prior
St. Prisca
St. Priscilla
St. Priscilla
St. Priscillian
St. Priscus
St. Priscus
St. Priscus
St. Priscus
St. Priscus, Crescens, and Evagrius
St. Privata
St. Privatula
St. Privatus
St. Privatus
St. Privatus
St. Prix
St. Probata
St. Probus
St. Probus
St. Probus
St. Probus
St. Probus and Grace
Bl. Proceso Ruiz Cascales and Companions
St. Processus and Martinian
St. Prochorus
St. Proclus of Constantinople
St. Proclus and Hilarion
St. Procopius of Scythopolis
St. Procopius of Sázava
St. Proculus
St. Proculus
St. Proculus of Verona
St. Proculus
St. Proculus of Bologna
St. Promus
St. Propolus
St. Prosdocus
St. Prosper of Aquitaine
St. Protase
St. Protasius Chong Kurbo
St. Proteheas(Proteas)
St. Proterius
St. Prothadius
St. Protogenes
St. Protolicus
St. Protus and Hyacinth
St. Protus and Januarius
St. Provinus
St. Prudentius
St. Prudentius Galindo
St. Psalmodius
St. Psenosiris
St. Pshai
St. Psoes (Psoi) of Kemet
St. Psoi (Besoy)
St. Psote
St. Psura
St. Ptolemachus
St. Ptolemaeus
St. Ptolemaeus
St. Ptolemy
St. Ptolemy
St. Publia
St. Publicanus
St. Publius
St. Publius
St. Publius
St. Publius of Carthage
St. Publius of Kemet
St. Publius, Victor, and Hermes
St. Pudens
St. Pudentiana
St. Puicheria Augusta
St. Pusinna
St. Putaphastus
St. Quadragesimus
St. Quadratus
St. Quadratus
St. Quadratus of Athens
St. Quadratus
St. Quadratus
St. Quadratus
St. Quaratus
St. Quaratus and Quintus
St. Quarta
St. Quartosilla
St. Quartus
St. Quentin
St. Quinidius
St. Quinta (Cointa)
St. Quintasius
St. Quintian
St. Quintian
St. Quintian
St. Quintian
St. Quintian and Irenaeus
St. Quintianus (Quinctianus)
St. Quintilis
St. Quintius
St. Quintius
St. Quintius
St. Quintus
St. Quintus
St. Quiriacus
St. Quiriacus of Ostia
St. Quiriacus and Julitta
St. Quirillus
St. Quirinus of Tivoli
St. Quirinus
St. Quirinus
St. Quirinus of Tegernsee
St. Quirinus of Siscia
St. Quiteria
St. Quodvultdeus
St. Quodvultdeus
Bl. Rabanus Maurus
Bl. Rabanus Maurus
St. Rachilidis
St. Racho
St. Radbod of Utrecht
St. Radegund
St. Radegunde
St. Rafael Arnaiz Baron
Bl. Rafaela Ybarra de Villalongo
Bl. Rafael Chylinski
St. Rafael Guizar Valencia
St. Rainbold
St. Rais
St. Ralph
Bl. Ralph Ashley
Bl. Ralph Corby
St. Ralph Crockett
Bl. Ralph Milner
St. Rambert
St. Ramirus and Companions
St. Ranulphus
St. Raphael
Bl. Raphael Kalinowski
St. Rastanus
St. Rasyphus and Ravennus
St. Raulus
St. Raymond Li-Ts'Uan
Bl. Raymond Lull
Bl. Raymond Lull
St. Raymond Nonnatus
St. Raymond of Barbastro
Bl. Raymond of Capua
St. Raymond of Fitero
St. Raymond of Toulouse
St. Raymond of Pennafort
Bl. Raynald de Bar
St. Raynald of Nocera
Bl. Raynald of Ravenna
St. Raynerius
St. Raynerius
St. Raynerius
St. Raynerius of Spalatro
St. Reatrius
St. Recumbens
St. Recumbus
St. Redemptus
St. Regimbald
St. Regina
St. Regina
Bl. Regina Protmann
St. Regiola
St. Regulus
St. Regulus
St. Regulus
St. Regulus
St. Regulus
St. Reineldis
St. Reinold
St. Relindis of Maaseik
St. Remaclus
St. Rembert
St. Remedius
St. Remigius
St. Remigius
St. Remigius
St. Remigius Isore
St. Renatus
Bl. Renee ailleau Girault
Bl. Renee Bourgeais Juret
Bl. Renee Grillard
Bl. Renee Marie Feillatreau
Bl. Renee Martin
Bl. Renee Regault Papin
Bl. Renee Seichet Dacy
Bl. Renee Valin
Bl. Rene Lego
St. Renovatus
St. Renus
St. Reparata
St. Respectatus
St. Restituta
St. Restituta
St. Restituta of Sora
St. Restituta with Saturninus
St. Restitutus
St. Restitutus
St. Restitutus
St. Restitutus
St. Reverianus
St. Revocatus
St. Rhais
St. Rhediw
St. Rheticus
St. Rhian
St. Rhipsime
St. Rhuddlad
St. Ribert
St. Ribert
St. Richard
Bls. Richard Hill, John Hogg, and Richard Holiday
Bl. Richard Kirkman
Bl. Richard Whiting
Bl. Richard Bere
Bl. Richard Featherstone
St. Richard Gwyn
Bl. Richard Herst
St. Richardis
Bl. Richard Kirkman
Bl. Richard Langhorne
Bl. Richard Langley
Bl. Richard Leigh
St. Richard Martin
Bl. Richard Newport
St. Richard of Andria
St. Richard of Chichester
Bl. Richard of St. Ann
St. Richard of Vaucelles
St. Riccardo Pampuri
St. Richard Reynolds
Bl. Richard Rolle de Hampole
Bl. Richard Thirkeld
Bl. Richard Whiting
St. Richard of Wyche
St. Richrudis
St. Rigobert
St. Rigobert (Robert)
St. Rigoberto
St. Rioch
St. Riquier
St. Rita
St. Rita Amada de Jesus
St. Rita of Cascia
St. Ritbert
St. Rixius Varus
Bl. Rizzerio
St. Roa (Aroa)
Bl. Robert Sutton
Bl. Robert Anderton
St. Robert Bellarmine
Bl. Robert Dalby
Bl. Robert Johnson
St. Robert Lawrence
Bl. Robert Morton
St. Robert of Newminster
Bl. Robert Bruges
St. Robert of Bury
St. Robert of Chaise Dieu
St. Robert of Frassinoro
St. Robert of Molesmes
St. Robert of Newmister
St. Robert of Syracuse
Bl. Robert Salt
St. Robert Southwell
Bl. Robert Sutton
Bl. Robert Watkinson
Bl. Robert Widmerpool
Bl. Robert Wilcox
St. Robustian
St. Roch
St. Roderic
St. Roderic and Salomon
St. Rodingus
St. Rodus
St. Rogata
St. Rogatian
St. Rogatianus
St. Rogatus
St. Rogatus
St. Rogellus
St. Roger
Bl. Roger Filcock
Bl. Roger of Ellant
Bl. Roger of Todi
Bl. Roger James
Bl. Roger of Todi
Bl. Roland de'Medici
St. Romana
St. Romana
Bl. Roman Adame Rosales
Bl. Roman Lysko
Bl. Romanus
St. Romanus
St. Romanus and Barula
St. Romanus Aybara
St. Romanus of Condat
St. Romanus of Le Mans
St. Romanus of Nepi
St. Romanus of Rouen
St. Romanus of Subiaco
St. Romanus Ostiarius
St. Romanus the Melodist
St. Romaric
St. Romlua
St. Romuald
St. Romulus
St. Romulus
St. Romulus of Genoa
St. Romulus
St. Romulus and Companions
St. Romulus and Conindrus
St. Romulus and Secundus
St. Ronald
St. Ronan
St. Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz
St. Rosa Kim
St. Rosalia
Bl. Rosalie Rendu
Bl. Rosalie du Verdier de la Soriniere
St. Rose Venerini
Bl. Rose Chretien
St. Rose of Lima
St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
Bl. Rose Quenion
St. Rose Tchao
St. Rose Tch'Enn-Kai-Tsie
St. Rose Wang-Hoei
St. Rosula
St. Roys
St. Ruadan
St. Ruak
St. Rubra
St. Rudesind
Bl. Rudolf Acquaviva
Bl. Rudolf Aquaviva
St. Rudolph of Gubbio
St. Ruellinus
St. Ruffinus
St. Rufillus
St. Rufina
St. Rufina
St. Rufinus
St. Rufinus
St. Rufinus
St. Rufinus
St. Rufinus of Assisi
St. Rufinus
St. Rufinus and Martia
St. Rufinus and Rufinian
St. Rufinus and Secundus
St. Rufinus, Silvanus, and Victalicus
St. Rufus
St. Rufus (Roux)
St. Rufus of Avignon
St. Rufus and Carpophorus
St. Rufus and Companions
St. Rufus and Zosimus
St. Rufus of Metz
St. Rufus of Rome
St. Rumold
St. Rumon
St. Rumwald
St. Rupert
Bl. Rupert Meyer
St. Rupert of Salzberg
St. Ruppus
St. Rusticianus
St. Rusticula
St. Rusticus
St. Rusticus
St. Rusticus of Narbonne
St. Rusticus
St. Rustilus
St. Rutila, Claudia, and Auriga
St. Rutilius
St. Rutilius and Companions
St. Rutilius and Fusculus
St. Rutinus
St. Rutinus
St. Sabas
St. Sabas
St. Sabas the Goth
St. Sabas Stratelates
Bl. Sabas Reyes Salazar
St. Sabas of Serbia
St. Sabela
St. Sabellius (Abylius, Abitius, Milius)
St. Sabina
St. Sabina
St. Sabinas of Kemet
St. Sabinian of Troyes
Sts. Sabinian & Potentian
St. Sabinus
St. Sabinus
St. Sabinus
St. Sabinus
St. Sabinus
St. Sabinus
St. Sabinus
St. Sabinus
Sts. Sabinus & Cyprian
St. Sabsir Martyrs
St. Sacer
St. Sacerdos of Lyon
St. Sacerdos
St. Sacerdos
Bl. Sadoc & Companions
St. Sadoth
St. Sadwen
St. Saethryth
St. Sagar
St. Protogenes
St. Salaberga
St. Salaun
St. Saldia
St. Salitor
St. Sallustian
Bl. Salomea of Poland
Sts. Salome & Judith
St. Salusi (Abba Salusi)
St. Salutaris
St. Salvador Lara Puente
St. Salvator
St. Salvatore
Bl. Salvatore Lilli
St. Salvator of Horta
St. Salvinus
St. Salvinus
St. Salvius
St. Salvius
St. Salvius
St. Salvius
St. Salvius
St. Salvius of Albi
St. Sambacia
St. Samnes
St. Samson
St. Samson
St. Samthan
St. Samthann
St. Samthann
St. Samuel
St. Samuel
Bl. Samuel Marzorati
St. Samuel of Edessa
St. Sancta
St. Sanctan
St. Sanctina
St. Sanctinus
St. Sanctinus
St. Sandila
St. Sandratus
St. Sanitius (Shenudi) II
St. Sanitius I (Shenudi)
St. Sannudius (Shenudi)
St. Sanusi (Shenudi, Sanitius)
St. Sara
St. Sarah (Emma Sara)
St. Sarah, and my brother Moses
St. Sarah of Scete
St. Sarapabon(Sarapambo) the Senator
St. Sarapion
Sts. Sarbelius & Barbea
St. Sarelius
St. Sarmata
St. Sarmatas (Sarmata)
St. Sarmathus
St. Satulus
St. Satur
St. Satura
St. Saturianus
St. Saturinus
St. Saturnina
St. Saturnina
St. Saturninus
St. Saturninus
St. Saturninus
St. Saturninus
St. Saturninus
St. Saturninus
St. Saturninus
St. Saturninus
St. Saturninus & Companions
St. Saturninus and Felix
Sts. Saturninus & Lupus
St. Saturninus and nine companions
Sts. Saturninus & Sisinius
Sts. Saturninus, Theophilus, & Revocata
Sts. Saturninus, Thrysus, & Victor
St. Saturus
St. Satyrus
St. Satyrus of Milan
St. Saulus
St. Sava
St. Savina of Milan
Bl. Savina Petrilli
St. Sawl
St. Scannal
St. Scholastica
St. Schotin
St. Seachnall
St. Sebald
St. Sebastian
St. Sebastiana
St. Sebastian and Alverius
Bl. Sebastian Kimura
Bl. Sebastian Montanol
St. Sebastian Nam
Bl. Sebastian Newdigate
St. Sebbi
St. Sebbi of Essex
St. Secunda
St. Secundel
St. Secundian
St. Secundianus
St. Secundilla
St. Secundina
St. Secundinus
St. Secundinus
St. Secundinus
St. Secundinus, Agrippinus, Maximus, Fortunatus, & Martialis
St. Secundus
St. Secundus
St. Secundus
St. Secundus
St. Secundus & Companions
St. Secundus, Fidentian, & Varicus
St. Secundus of Ventimiglia
St. Securus
St. Securus, Severus
St. Sedeza
St. Sedna
St. Seduinus
St. Seiriol
St. Sektar
St. Selaficus (Seleucus)
St. Selarianus
St. Selenias of Kemet
St. Seleucus
St. Seleucus "The Kemetian"
St. Selyf
St. Semrata Zion
St. Senach
St. Senan
St. Senan
St. Senan
St. Senator
St. Senator
St. Senoch
St. Senorina
St. Senuthius of Buasti
St. Seperatus
St. Septimus, and Maximus
St. Sequanus
St. Serapammon
St. Serapamon
St. Serapeum
St. Seraphim of Sarov
St. Seraphina
St. Seraphina
St. Seraphinus
St. Serapia
St. Serapio
St. Serapion
St. Serapion
St. Serapion
St. Serapion
St. Serapion of Antioch
St. Serapion
St. Serapion and Ammon
St. Serapion the Kemetian
St. Serapion the Scholastic
St. Serapion the Sindonite
St. Serapion of Thmuis
St. Serena
St. Serenidus & Serenus
St. Serenus
St. Serenus
St. Serenus the Gardener
St. Sergius
St. Sergius of Radonezh
St. Sergius & Bacehus
St. Sergius
St. Sergius I
Sergius II
Sergius III
Sergius IV
St. Sergius of Radonezh
St. Sergus
St. Serration
St. Sertza Hawaryat
St. Servan
Sts. Servandus & Cermanus
St. Servatus
St. Servilianus
St. Servulus
St. Servulus
St. Servus
St. Servus
St. Severa
St. Severa
St. Severian
St. Severian
St. Severian
St. Severian & Aquila
Bl. Severian Baranyk
St. Severinus
St. Severinus
St. Severinus
St. Severinus
St. Severinus
St. Severinus of Noricum
St. Severinus
St. Severinus
St. Severinus
St. Severinus Boethius
Sts. Severinus, Exuperius, & Felician
St. Severus
St. Severus
St. Severus of Alexandria
St. Severus of Alexandria
St. Sexburga
St. Shanudin (Abba)
St. Shenuf(Chenoufe)
St. Shenus (Susita)
St. Shenute
St. Shenute (Sinuthius, Shnudi, Sannitius)
St. Siddinus
St. Siddinus
Bl. Sidney Hodgson
St. Sidonius (Amba)
St. Sigfrid
St. Silar
St. Silas
St. Silvanus
St. Silverius
St. Simeon Barsabae and Companions
St. Simeon the Stylite
Bl. Simeon Lukach
St. Simeon Metaphrastes
St. Simeon of Thou
St. Simon
St. Simon de Rojas
Bl. Simon Kiyota Bokusai and Companions
St. Simon Berneux
Simon of Cyrene
Bl. Simone Chauvigne Charbonneau
St. Simon Hoa Dac Phan
St. Simon Stock
St. Simon Tceng
St. Simon Tsinn
St. Simon the Zealot
St. Simon Zelotes
St. Simplicius
St. Simplicius
St. Sina
St. Siricius
St. Sisebut
St. Sisinnius
St. Sisoes
St. Sissinius of Tantatho
St. Sixtus I
St. Sixtus II
Sixtus IV
St. Sobel
St. Socrates
St. Sodon
St. Sofia
St. Solange
Venerable Father Solanus Casey
St. Solomon
St. Solutor
St. Sophia
St. Sophia and my daughter Dabamoth (Dibamonia)
St. Sophronius of Jerusalem
St. Sophronius of Shanazum
St. Sostras
St. Soter
St. Soteris
11 Spanish nuns
St. Speciosus
St. Spisinna
St. Spyridon of Tremithius
St. Stanislaus
Bl. Stanislaus Kazimierczyk
St. Statonica
St. Stefan Pongracz
Bl. Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski
St. Stephanus
St. Stephen
St. Stephen
St. Stephen
St. Stephen Min Kuk-ka
St. Stephen Min Kuk-Ka
St. Stephen of Muret
St. Stephen of Mar Saba
St. Stephen of Obazine
St. Stephen of Surosh
St. Stephen the Anchorite
St. Stephen the Great
St. Stephen Harding
St. Stephen I
Stephen III
Stephen IV
St. Stephen Theodore Cuenot
Stephen V
Stephen VI
Stephen VII
Stephen VII/VIII
St. Stephen Vinh
St Paul
St. Stupur
St. Successa
St. Successus
St. Sulpice II
St. Sulpicius
St. Susanna
St. Susanna U Surim
St. Susennius (Susneus)
St. Susita (Shenus)
Bl. Suzanne Androuin
St. Suitbert of Kaiserwerdt
St. Swithun
St. Sylvester
Sylvester II
Sylvester III
St. Sylvia
St. Symeon of Kemet
St. Symmachus
St. Symphorianus
St. Sympmphronius and Hipolytus
St. Syncletica
St. Syncletica of Alexandri
St. Tabitha
St. Tacceus
St. Tacla (Tecla)
St. Tacla Hawaryat
St. Talacrian
St. Talida
St. Talida
St. Tanca
St. Tanco
St. Tarasius
St. Tarbula
St. Tarsicia
St. Tarsicius
St. Tarsilla
St. Tarskius
Bl. Tarsykia Matskiv
St. Tassach
St. Tathal
St. Tatiana
St. Tatiana of Rome
St. Tation
St. Tatusbaya
St. Tatwine
St. Taurinus
St. Tchang-Hoai-Lou
St. Teath
St. Teilo
St. Telemachus
St. Telesphorus
St. Telga
St. Ten Disciples of Athenogenes
St. Tenenan
Bl. Teodomiro Joaquin
St. Teodorico Balat
Bl. Teodor Romza
St. Terence
St. Terence
St. Terence
St. Terence of Metz
St. Terentian
St. Terentius
St. Teresa Kim Im-i
St. Teresa of Avila
Bl. Teresa Bracco
St. Teresa de los Andes
St. Teresa Eustochio Verzeri
Bl. Teresa Fantou
Bl. Teresa Grillo Chavez
St. Teresa Kinn-Tsie
St. Teresa Margaret Redi
Bl. Teresa Maria of the Cross Manetti
St. Teresa of Calcutta
St. Teresa of Jesus Jornet Ibars
St. Teresa of Portugal
St. Teresa Tchang-Hene-Cheu
St. Teresa Yi Mae-im
St. Ternan
St. Ternatius
St. Tertullian
St. Tertullinus
St. Tetricus
St. Tetricus
St. Tetta
Bl. Thaddeus Maccarthy
Bl. Thaddeus Lieu
St. Thais
St. Thais (Taisia)
St. Thais of Kemet
St. Thalassius & Limuneus
St. Thalelaeus
St. Thalelaeus
St. Thalelaeus
St. Thamel & Companions
St. Tharacus
St. Tharsicius
St. Thasius Cyprianus
Sts. Thea & Valentina
St. Thecla
Bl. Thecla Nangashi
St. Thecla of Kitzingen
St. Thelica
St. Themistoeles
St. Thenas? (The(o)nas?)
St. Theneva
St. Theobald of Provins
Bl. Theobald
St. Theobald of Marly
St. Theobald of Vienne
St. Theoctista
St. Theoctista
St. Theoctiste of Lesbos
St. Theoctistus
St. Theodard of Maastricht
St. Theodard
St. Theodemir
St. Theodichildis
St. Theodocianus of Alexandria
St. Theodora
St. Theodora
St. Theodora
St. Theodora & Didymus
St. Theodora
St. Theodora
St. Theodora of Alexandria
St. Theodore
St. Theodore, and Leontius
St. Theodore and 40 Others
St. Theodore, and Leontius
St. Theodore, the Sanctified
St. Theodore
St. Theodore
St. Theodore
St. Theodore of Chotep
St. Theodore of Emesa
Theodore I
Theodore II
St. Theodore of Bologna
St. Theodore of Cyrene
St. Theodore of Egypt
St. Theodore of Studites
St. Theodore of Sykeon
St. Theodore of Tabenna
St. Theodore of Tarsus
St. Theodore and Pausilippus
St. Theodore of Pavia
St. Theodore of Pelusium
St. Theodore, Philippa, and Companions
St. Theodore Stratelates
St. Theodore and Theophanes
St. Theodore the Sacrist
St. Theodoret of Antioch
St. Theodore Trichinas
St. Theodore Tyro
St. Theodoric
St. Theodoric
St. Theodoric
St. Theodoric of Emden
St. Theodoric of Orleans
St. Theodosia
St. Theodosia of Constantinople
St. Theodosia & Companions
St. Theodosius
St. Theodosius
St. Theodosius
St. Theodosius
St. Theodosius of Antioch
St. Theodosius Pechersky
St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch
St. Theodota
St. Theodota
St. Theodota
St. Theodota
St. Theodotion
St. Theodotus of Ancyra
St. Theodotus
St. Theodotus
St. Theodotus
St. Theodotus, Rufina, and Ammia
St. Theodoxia (Eudoxia)
St. Theodulas
St. Theodulphus
St. Theodulus
St. Theodulus
St. Theodulus
St. Theodulus
St. Theodulus
St. Theofrid
St. Theofrid (Chaffre) of Orange
St. Theofrid
St. Theogenes
St. Theohilus
St. Theon
St. Theonas
St. Theonas, "Column of the Church"
St. Theonas
St. Theonas of Egypt
St. Theonestus
St. Theonius
St. Theopemptus and Theonas
St. Theophanes
St. Theophanes and Companions
St. Theophane Venard
St. Theophila
St. Theophilus of Antioch
St. Theophilus
St. Theophilus
St. Theophilus
St. Theophilus
St. Theophilus
St. Theophilus
St. Theophilus of Alexandria
St. Theophilus & Helladius
St. Theophilus of Corte
St. Theophilus the Lawyer
St. Theophilus the Penitent
St. Theophylact of Nicomedia
St. Theopista
St. Theorigitha (Tortgyth)
St. Theotimus
St. Theotimus (Theitimus)
St. Theotimus
St. Theotimus & Basilian
St. Theotonius
St. Theoychus
St. Thephane Venard
St. Theresa Coudere
Bl. Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger
St. Therese of Lisieux
St. Thespesius of Cappadocia
St. Thethmar
St. Theusetas
Bl. Thiemo
St. Thiento & Companions
St. Thimous
St. Thomais
St. Thomais
St. Thomas
St. Thomas
Bl. Thomas Atkinson
Bl. Thomas Corsini
Bls. Thomas Palaser, John Norton, and John Talbot
Bl. Thomas Percy
Bl. Thomas Abel
Bl. Thomas Akafuji
Bl. Thomas Alfield
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Thomas Becket
Bl. Thomas Bosgrave
Bl. Thomas Cottam
St. Thomas Danki
St. Thomas De & Companions
St. Thomas Dien
St. Thomas Du
Bl. Thomas Felton
Bl. Thomas Ford
St. Thomas Garnet
Bls. Thomas Green, Thomas Scryven, and Thomas Reding
Bl. Thomas Guengoro
Bl. Thomas Hemerford
Bl. Thomas Hioji Rokuzayemon Nishi
Bl. Thomas Holford
Bl. Thomas Holland
Bl. Thomas Johnson
Bl. Thomas Kotenda and Companions
Bl. Thomas Koyanangi
St. Thomas Kozaki
Bl. Thomas Kufioji
St. Thomas More
St. Thomas of Antioch
St. Thomas of Dover
St. Thomas of Farfa Abbey
St. Thomas of Hereford
Bl. Thomas of St. Hyacinth
Bl. Thomas of the Holy Rosary
Bl. Thomas of Tolentino
St. Thomas of Villanueva
Bl. Thomas Percy
Bl. Thomas Pickering
Bl. Thomas Plumtree
Bl. Thomas Reynolds
St. Thomas Sen-Ki-Kuo
Bl. Thomas Sherwood
Bl. Thomas Somers
St. Thomas Son Chason
St. Thomas of Tanphot
St. Thomas Thien Tran
Bl. Thomas Thwing
Bl. Thomas Toan
Bl. Thomas Tomaki
Bl. Thomas Tsughi
Bl. Thomas Tunstal
Bl. Thomas Vinyemon
Bl. Thomas Warcop
Bl. Thomas Welbourne
Bl. Thomas Whitbread
Bl. Thomas Woodhouse
Bl. Thomas Zumarraga
St. Thomian
St. Thonius
St. Thordgith
St. Thorfinn
St. Thorlac Thorhallsson
St. Thraseas
St. Thyrsus
St. Thyrsus & Projectus
St. Thyrsus, Leucius, & Callinicus
St. Tiberius
St. Tibur
St. Tiburtinus
St. Tiburtius
St. Tiburtius
St. Tigernach
St. Tigides & Remedius
St. Tigridia
St. Tigrius
St. Tigrius
St. Tigrius & Eutropius
St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
St. Tilbert
St. Tillo
St. Timolaus & Companions
St. Timoleon
St. Timon
St. Timothy
St. Timothy
St. Timothy
St. Timothy
St. Timothy
St. Timothy, the lector and wife, Maura
St. Timothy
St. Timothy
St. Timothy
St. Timothy & Diogenes
St. Timothy & Faustus
Sts. Timothy & Martha
Bl. Timothy Giaccardo
St. Timothy II
St. Timothy III
Sts. Timothy, Polius & Eutychius
Sts. Timothy, Thecla, & Agapius
St. Timotheus
St. Tipasius (Typasius)
St. Tirinus
St. Titian of Brescia
St. Titian of Oderzo
St. Titus
St. Titus
Bl. Titus Brandsma
Bl. Tobias Borras Roman
St. Tochmura
St. Tola
St. Tolosha
St. Tomasso da Cori
St. Giuseppe Maria Tomasi
Bl. Tommaso Maria Fusco
Bl. Tommaso Reggio
Bl. Torello
St. Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo
Bl. Toros Oghlou David
St. Torpes of Pisa
St. Torquatus
St. Tranquillinus
St. Trason
St. Trea
St. Tremorus of Brittany
St. Tressan
St. Triduana
St. Trien
St. Trillo
St. Triphina
St. Triphyllius
St. Triverius
St. Troadius
St. Trojan
St. Trophimus of Arles
St. Trophimus
St. Trophimus
Sts. Trophimus & Eucarpius
Sts. Trophimus & Theophilus
Sts. Trophimus & Thalus
St. Trudo
St. Trudo (Trond)
St. Trudpert
St. Trumwin
St. Trumwin
St. Trypbaena
Sts. Trypbaena & Tryphosa
St. Tryphon
St. Tryphon
St. Tryphon & Companions
St. Tryphonia
St. Tubo
St. Tuda
St. Tudno
St. Tudwal
St. Tudy
St. Tudy of Landevennec
St. Tullianus
St. Tullius
St. Turana
St. Turiaf
St. Turibius of Astorga
St. Turibius the Monk
St. Turketil
St. Turninus
St. Tuscus
St. Tutilo
St. Tychicus
St. Tychon
St. Tydecho
St. Tydfil
Sts. Tyrannio & Silvanus
St. Tyrannus
St. Tyria
Sts. Tysilio
St. Tytirus
St. Tzabala Mariam
St. Tzechina (Sahami)
St. Ubald Baldassini
Bl. Ugolino (Hugolino) of Cortona
St. Uguzo
St. Ulehad
St. Ulfrid
St. Ulphia
St. Ulric
St. Ulrich
Bl. Ulricke Nische
St. Ultan of Ardbraccan
St. Ultan
St. Uni
St. Urania
St. Urban
St. Urban I
Bl. Urban II
Urban III
Urban IV
St. Urban of Langres
St. Urbanus
Bl. Urban V
Urban VI
St. Urbitius
St. Urbitius
St. Urciscenus
St. Urpasian
St. Ursicinus of Ravenna
St. Ursicinus of Brescia
St. Ursicinus
St. Ursicinus
St. Ursicinus
St. Ursicius
St. Ursinus of Bourges
St. Ursmar
St. Ursula
Bl. Ursulina of Parma
St. Ursus of Auxerre
St. Ursus
St. Ursus of Aosta
St. Ursus and Victor
St. Ursula Ledóchowska
St. Just
St. Usthazanes
St. Vedast
St. Vaga
St. Valens
St. Valens
St. Valens
Bl. Valentin Paquay
Bl. Valentin Paquay
St. Valentina & Thea
St. Valentine
Pope Valentine
St. Valentine
St. Valentine
St. Valentine
St. Valentine
St. Valentine
St. Valentine
St. Valentine Berrio-Ochoa
St. Valentine and Dubatatius
St. Valentine & Hilary
St. Valentinian
St. Valeria of Limoges
St. Valeria
St. Valeria of Milan
St. Valerian
St. Valerian
St. Valerian
St. Valerian
St. Valerian of Abbenza
St. Valerian
St. Valerian
St. Valerian, Niacrinus, & Gordian
St. Valerie
Bl. Valerio Bernardo Maria Crucified Satellico
St. Valerius
St. Valerius
St. Valerius of Saragossa
St. Valerius of Trčves
St. Valerius
St. Valerius
St. Valerius
St. Valerius & Rufinus
St. Variacus
St. Varus
St. Varus
St. Vasius
Bl. Vasyl Velychkovsky
St. Vedast
St. Veep
St. Velleicus
St. Venantius
St. Venantius
St. Venantius
St. Venantius
St. Venantius
St. Venantius Fortunatus
St. Venaranda
St. Venerandus
St. Venerius
St. Venerius the Hermit
St. Venturino of Bergamo
St. Venusta
St. Venustus
St. Veranus
St. Veranus of Cavaillon
St. Veranus of Vence
St. Veranus of Cavaillon
St. Verecundus
St. Veremundus
St. Verena
St. Verena
St. Vergil of Salzburg
St. Veridiana
St. Verissimus, Maxima, and Julia
St. Verocianus
St. Veronica
St. Veronica Giuliani
St. Verulus
St. Verulus and Companions
St. Verus
St. Verus
St. Verus
St. Vestina
St. Veturius
St. Viator
St. Viator of Tremble-Vif-Sologne
St. Viator
St. Vicelin
Bl. Vicente Soler
Bl. Vicente Shiwozuka de la Cruz
Bl. Vicente Vilar David
Bl. Victoire Bauduceau Reveillere
Bl. Victoire Gusteau
St. Victonnus
St. Victor
St. Victor
St. Victor
Victor II
St. Victor I
St. Victor
St. Victor
St. Victor the Moor
St. Victor
St. Victor
St. Victor
St. Victor, Alexander, and Marianus
St. Victor and Ursus
St. Victor of Assyut
St. Victor and Companions
St. Victor and Corona
St. Victoria
St. Victoria
St. Victoria of Tivoli
St. Victoria of Tivoli
Bl. Victoria Diez y Bustos de Molina
St. Victorian
St. Victorian
St. Victorian of Asan
St. Victoriano Pio
St. Victorianus
St. Victorianus
Bl. Victoria Rasoamanarivo
Bl. Victoria Strata
St. Victoricus, Fuscian, and Gentian
St. Victor in Paris
St. Victorinus
St. Victorinus
St. Victorinus
St. Victorinus of Pettau
St. Victorious
St. Victor Maurus
St. Victor Maurus (aka Victor the Moor)...
St. Victor the Ninivite
St. Victor the Ninivite
St. Victor of Piacenza
St. Victor of Vita
St. Victor and Stephen
St. Victor, Stercntius, and Antigones
St. Victor and Ursus
St. Victorus
St. Victor of Vilae
St. Victricius
St. Victurus
St. Victurus
St. Vigilius of Trent
St. Vigilius
St. Vigilius
St. Vigor
Bl. Vilana of Florence
Bl. Villana de'Botti
St. Villanus
St. Villicus
Bl. Vilmos Apor
St. Vimin
St. Vincent
St. Vincent
St. Vincent
St. Vincent of Agen
St. Vincent
Bl. Vincent de Cunha
St. Vincent de Paul
St. Vicente Liem de la Paz
St. Vincent of Digne
St. Vincent Ferrer
St. Vincentia Maria Lopez Y Vicuna
St. Vincentius
St. Vincent Kadlubek
St. Vincent Kaun
St. Vincent & Laetus
St. Vincent Madelgarus
St. Vincent of Agen
St. Vincent of Bevagna
St. Vincent of Collioure
St. Vincent of Digne
St. Vincent of Leon
St. Vincent of Lerins
St. Vincent of Porto
St. Vincent of Troyes
St. Vincent, Orontius, & Victor
St. Vincent Pallotti
St. Vincent Pallottiano
St. Vincent, Sabina, & Christeta
St. Vincent Saragossa
St. Vincent Strambi
St. Vincent the Deacon
St. Vincent Yen
St. Vincenza Gerosa
St. Vincenza Mary Lopez y Vicuna
St. Vindemialis
St. Vindemialis (from Capsa)
St. Vindemialis, Eugene, & Longinus
St. Vindician
St. Vindonius
St. Vintila
St. Virgil
St. Virgil of Arles
St. Virgilius of Salzburg
St. Virgilius of Arles
St. Virginia Centurione Bracelli
St. Virgins
St. Virila
St. Vissia
St. Vitalian
St. Vitalian
St. Vitalian
St. Vitalianus(Vitalis)
St. Vitalicus
Bl. Vitalij Bajrak
St. Vitalina
St. Vitalis
St. Vitalis
Sts. Vitalis and Valeria
St. Vitalis
St. Vitalis
St. Vitalis
St. Vitalis
St. Vitalis of Gaza
St. Vitonus
St. Vitus
St. Vitus
St. Vitus
St. Viventiolus
St. Viventius
St. Vivian
St. Vladimir
St. Vodoaldus
St. Volitan
St. Voloc
Bl. Volodymyr Pryjma
St. Volusian
St. Volutianus
St. Votus, Felix, & John
St. Vouga
St. Vulganius
St. Vulgis
St. Vulphy
St. Vulpian
St. Waccar
St. Walbert
St. Walburga
St. Waldalenus
St. Waldebert
St. Waldebert, Abbot
St. Waldetrudis
St. Walericus
St. Walfrid
St. Walhere
St. Walstan
St. Walter
St. Walter
St. Walter
Bl. Walter Pierson
St. Walter of Pontoise
St. Waltheof of Melrose
Bl. Wando
St. Wandrille
St. Waningus
St. Warinus
St. Wastrada
St. Wenceslaus
St. Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia
St. Wendolinus
St. Wenog
St. Werburg
St. Werburga
St. Werenfrid
St. Wetukis (known as Eutychius)
St. Wiborada
St. Wicterp
St. Widradus
St. Wigbert
St. Wigbert
St. Wilfretrudis
St. Wilfrid
St. Wilfrida
St. Wilfrid the Younger
St. Wilgefortis
St. Willehad of Bremen
St. Willehad of Denmark
St. Willeic
St. William
Bl. William Carter
Bl. William Ireland
Bl. William Tempier
Bl. William Thomson
St. William, Abbot
Bl. William Andleby
St. William Arnaud
St. William of Bourges
St. William Breteuil
Bl. William Browne
Bl. William Dean
St. William of Dijon
St. William of Eskilsoe
Bl. William Exmew
Bl. William Filby
St. William Firmatus
Bl. William Freeman
St. William of Gellone
Bl. William Greenwood
Bl. William Guntei
Bl. William Harcourt
Bl. William Harrington
Bl. William Hart
Bl. William Hartley
Bl. William Horne
Bl. William Howard
Bl. William Ireland
Bl. William Joseph Chaminade
Bl. William Lacey
St. William of Maleval
Bl. William Marsden
St. William of Norwich
Bl. William Patenson
St. William of Penacorada
St. William of Pontoise
Bl. William Richardson
St. William of Rochester
St. William of Roeskilde
St. William of Saint-Brieuc
St. William of Vercelli
Bl. William Ward
Bl. William Way
St. William of York
St. Willibald
St. Willibrord
St. Willigis
St. Willigod & Martin
St. Wiltrudis
St. Wiltrudis
St. Winaman
Bl. Wincenty Lewoniuk
St. Winebald
St. Winebald
St. Winewald
St. Winifred
St. Winifred
St. Winnow, Mancus, & Mybrad
St. Winoc
St. Winwaloc
St. Wiomad
St. Wiro
St. Wiro
St. Wisdom
St. Wistan
St. Withburga
St. Wivina
St. Adalbert of Prague
St. Wolfgang
St. Wulfhade & Ruffinus
St. Wulfhilda
St. Wulfram of Sens
St. Wulfric
St. Wulfstan
St. Wulmar
St. Wulsin
St. Xantippa & Polyxena
St. Xystus
Bl. Yakym Senkivsky
St. Yared
St. Yeshak
St. Ymar
St. Yohan Marcus
St. Yona
St. Yostima
St. Yrchard
St. Yrieix
St. Ysarn
Bl. Yvette
St. Ywi
St. Za-Michael
St. Zacchaeus of Jerusalem
St. Zacchaeus
St. Zachariah
St. Zachariah of Kemet
St. Zacharias
St. Zacharias, the Wanderer
St. Zachary
St. Zachary2
St. Zachary
St. Zaina (Zeina)
St. Zama
St. Zambdas
St. Zanufius
St. Zara Mariam
St. Zdislava of Lemberk
St. Zebinus
Bl. Zeferino Agostini
St. Zelotes
St. Zenas
St. Zeno
St. Zeno
St. Zeno
St. Zeno
St. Zeno
St. Zeno
St. Zeno of Verona
St. Zeno
St. Zenobius
St. Zenobius
St. Zenobius
St. Zenobius & Zenobia
St. Zeno & Chanton
Bl. Zenon Kovalyk
Bl. Zepherin Namuncura
St. Zephyrinus
St. Zephyrinus
St. ZerJacob
St. Zita
St. Zita
St. Zoe
St. Zoe of Rome
St. Zoellus
St. Zoilus
St. Zoilus
St. Zonticus
St. Zosimas
St. Zosimus
St. Zosimus
St. Zosimus
St. Zosimas of Palestine
St. Zosimus
St. Zosimus
St. Zosimus & Athanasius
St. Zoticus
St. Zoticus
St. Zoticus
St. Zoticus
St. Zoticus of Comana
St. Zoticus
St. Zygmunt Gorazdowski